These past few weeks, I have been doing much introspection and repairing relationships with family and friends and such.

I am aware that I can be a right twat at times… :anjou_sigh:

So to anyone I have offended or otherwise hurt here, I am sorry and offer you my sincerest apologies… I tend to let my insensitive sense of humour get the better of me at times, and I hope I can make things better.

Haha, you’ve never offended me. I think you called Solo ‘suspicious’ though, which made me wet myself!

I think you are an amusing chap?

The only things that genuinely offend me anymore all seem to fall under the umbrella of dishonorable disingenuousity <-- (apparently the second isn’t a real word, don’t care)… or to put it another way: when I get a feeling someone is trying to make their own deficiencies of integrity the problem of everyone but themselves. And I can’t recall ever getting that feeling about you.

Of course, by some criteria or another I’m sure I ‘owe’ tons of people apologies myself… such is life. The impulse to reevaluate oneself is always honorable though. :anjou_love:

You know, it’s a bit suspicious that you’re apologising right now. Look out folks, Chizzles is after something!

Okay, I’m only joking. Personally I haven’t found anything that you said particularly offensive. :anjou_happy:

I accept your apology