Anyone remember this game... it was class … meLink=224

Can’t beleive I sold it all that time ago.

Some more pics:

I never played it.

I have an ad for it on one of those old Sega posters though.

I never bought it, but I DO remember it.

I remember many months ago (This was around January) when I was still trying to buy PDS on eBay, some guy was trying to sell it as a “Prequel to PDS” (Whic, as we all know, is a bullshit scheme to make money.)

Needless to say, most people saw through these bullshit attempts for what they were, and the game never sold for more than $10.

still, if the game was good, I bet it was a $10 well spent =)

Dopefish - what condition is the poster in?

Neil - they tried to scam you saying this was a prequel to PDS hah. I can see why they tried it though… morphing dragons… shooter… Shot Down Ratio, Power/Level Up… Sega.

For all intent and purposes the game was class. Music was good, graphics were decent, gameplay was decent, and it had replay value. Shouldn’t of sold mine all those years ago. I don’t think it has that much real value but it has sentimental value, if you get what I mean.

Either very good or very fine, I forget which is better. The only problem is a bend. It’s one of those posters with the cover art on one side (Sonic 2 on that one) and on the other side it has screenshots and a short discription of many different games.

No, you can’t have it.

I’ve played an emulated version of the game. From what I played, it was quite challenging, although that was with keyboard controls. How long was the whole game?