Anyone Played Through Nier?

I bring this game up on topic because it very much reminds me of the Panzer Dragoon series, both in plot and design in many ways.

Both of them set in a post apocalyptic world, after a previous civilization’s downfall. Orta an Azel’s stories of being artificial (or at least part) humans bares some similarity, and there are some locations, particularly the Aerie, definitely have that Panzer Dragoon Vibe.

Of course, another similarity is that Nier is an off-shot game to the Drag-on Dragoon games / Drakengard series, a game that also has dragons.

Not only that, but this game is f-ing fantastic. If anyone here hasn’t played this games yet, I highly recommend it. I don’t care what the so-called ‘professional’ reviewers said, this game is one of a kind and deserves to be played by anyone that enjoys and appreciates good storytelling in games.

I’ve played through it a couple of times and very much enjoyed it. It has a nice atmosphere and a good soundtrack as well. The battle system I have to say, is quite fun for an action rpg. But, I might add, the story is at times a bit depressing (dealing with a lot of death and loss).

I very much enjoyed the desert area and the village of people whom wear baskets on their heads! The architecture of their city is breathtaking. I love how you travel by boat around the city through flowing canals of sand!

Fun fact: Kain? is a hermaphrodite…no lie!

It’s not a spoiler. You sort of come to this conclusion on your own, that is; if you’re paying close attention. Otherwise you might miss it…

Oh, everyone knows that one. It doesn’t stop me from loving her. TBH I still consider her a ‘she’, and a female. It really has no relevance to the game, other than possibly the game makers deliberately trying to make gamers feel awkward about looking at her in a sexual manner, and subverting people in some ways.

Indeed, sections such as the desert, Facade, The Aerith, etc, really reminded me of Panzer Dragoon Azel so much. Personally, I love the dark story, and I’m looking forward to the localised version of Drakengard 3 when it comes out (I’ve pre-ordered the special edition). I like Panzer Dragoon Azel in that it takes a few dark turns (starting with the execution of the main character in the opening cutscenes).

And, yes, the music to Nier is outstanding.

Another similarity is that, like PD Saga, Nier is a side-story. I think it’s great that some games have side story titles in their series. I think more franchises should try their hand at this. It gives developers an excuse to try something new and different to that gameplay and other elements of the main games in the series.

I really hope they make a Nier 2 in the future. The fact that Drakengard 3 has been released gives me a glimmer of hope.

This looks like one of those rare gems that I would play if I could. I like the dark art.

I had never heard of this game. Doing a search of the major game retailers here, it doesn’t appear to have been made available in New Zealand. In that sense it has a lot in common with Panzer Dragoon Saga.

What I noticed about Nier is how much it’s praised by the few people that played it. Especially the soundtrack and ending are often praised as the among the best ever made (and after reading an article on the ending, or at least one of the endings, it’s definitely something special). To be honest I haven’t played any of the Drakengard games or Nier, all I know is the stories are quite dark. But Drakengard 3 really caught my attention with this trailer and made me look into the series.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get around to playing the older Drakengard games or Nier, but I might get Drakengard 3 (although Square-Enix is handling the European release of the game terribly, and they’re doing a good job of discouraging me to buy their games).

I just picked up this game yesterday at Play N Trade. I might get a chance to play it later today.

I hope you did play through it in the end.