Anyone on twitter?

just checking.

My personal Twitter account is @Uriptical.

This site’s Twitter account is @willancients.

Sure - @senorkaffee. But its 100% in german. :wink:

I got one when Solo first told me about it (before twitter boom) never actually used it though…

I’m gonna get one for my website similar to the TWOTA one though. Solo have you thought about integrating it to the site on the side maybe? That’s probably what I will do…

Yeah, perhaps. That’s certainly a good idea.

By the way, I use to pump the updates out to multiple microblogging services. You might find that handy for Chao Island.

Mine is @krukmaszyna; half of it is typical junk and the rest is artistic stuff.

for me my twitter is @megaman5000 i use it all the time!