Anyone here know Flash / Actionscript?

I’m thinking of learning Flash programming in Actionscript, with the intention to write simple 2D platform games using ripped video game sprites. The stuff you see on Newgrounds. Only better (hopefully). I have a few links to get me started, but can anyone give me some general advice about it?

The only Flash I know enabled my to do a very cool video with ,ripped sprites as well, for a school project.Other than that I don’t really know much about the software.

I know bits and bobs about flash basics… but only stuff like tweening etc.
I hardly know any actionscript though… is pretty cool from what i’ve seen

I’ve looked at the code a bit, and it looks a lot like Javascript, so if you know that (or any other programming language really) then it’d probably be quite easy to pick up on.

i can’t program worth a damn- not even a loading screen or ‘play’ button on my animations!

but if you need any help with the artistic side, holla at yo bosom buddy!