Any news on emulation

Hi there I just got a new powerful PC and maybe i can run some saturn emulator now, can you tell me please where I can find the latest release of a saturn emulator ?

I try to run one some years ago but it didnt work, now i’m more experienced in computer :stuck_out_tongue:

i finished Azel so many times, i can’t wait to play it Hi res.


As far as I know, GiriGiri is the fastest and most compatible around… the newer ones which I’ve tried (Saturnin, SSF) tend to be slow and at an early stage of development. No offence to their programmers, of course; Saturn emulation is an achievement in itself.

I’d like to be able to help more, but I don’t know much about this topic.

Welcome to the forums, by the way! :anjou_happy:

I think Solo has GiriGiri up in the site :

I don’t think so, sadly!

I have the two versions of Cassini and the Gavionne and Barnito versions of GiriGiri, if you can’t find them elsewhere. :anjou_happy:

Steve Snake, the author of Kega, is now working on a new Saturn emulator. When it’s finished, it’s going to rock everyone’s world!

Excellent. :anjou_happy:

Gehn, I took GiriGiri off the site I’m afraid. I still have it though; if anyone wants it email me.

in fact i’m a forum returner, it’s been 2 years that i was out.

Well thanks, i’ll try to find that girigiri, btw which version is the latest or the best ?

It’s nice to see that people on this forum are so nice. :slight_smile:

Fantastic! :anjou_happy: I can’t wait to try it.

Don’t know, I’m afraid. You could look for Gav’s version - search for girigirir-gav. I really couldn’t advise you about this emulator; it’s basically a mystery to me! :anjou_disappointment:

Well, I do my best! :anjou_love:

Welcome to the forums, Sestern. As far as I know, the different versions of Girigiri and Cassini are essentially the same emulator: Gavionne’s was the first version, Barnito’s version is more compatible with Windows XP (I think - can anyone confirm that?) and Cassini has a slightly more user-friendly interface. It’s a pretty good emulator, but it doesn’t recreate music (and some graphical effects) very well, and it has some issues running Azel / Panzer Dragoon Saga.

Lance, your day of reckoning is approaching!


Ah, it was a while before I realised what you meant there. :anjou_happy:

I just wanted to play it Hi res, of course i finished it on my saturn ten times :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks to solo wing dragon i got girigiri but i can’t get it work.

My os is WinXP
I’m following the instructions but when i launch Glaunch and click on the big image, it open then crash.
Anyone manage ti run PDS on a XP PC ?


[quote=“Sestern”]thanks to solo wing dragon i got girigiri but i can’t get it work.

My os is WinXP
I’m following the instructions but when i launch Glaunch and click on the big image, it open then crash.
Anyone manage ti run PDS on a XP PC ?


Just ignore the error window that pops up after you click the “Hacked by” button.

I found that old GiriGiri tutorial that I wrote on another topic. Here it is:

  1. Unzip all the files from girigiri_saturn.rar into a new folder. All folders in the directory path it must not have spaces in them. For example, c:\emulators\girigiri would be alright, but c:\emulated games\girigiri would not.

  2. Open up the directory and run GLAUNCH.EXE once.

  3. Choose what Resolution and control settings you want, then click on the “Hacked by Gavionne” logo.

  4. An Error window will display containing foreign characters. Click on OK anyway.

– Rip the game using CDRWIN or another CD ripping utility –
Download: … ag=lst-0-1

  1. Move the .bin and .cue files of your game (such as panzersaga1.cue and panzersaga1.bin) to the same folder that you unzipped the GiriGiri files into.

– Download and install DAEMON Tools or another virtual drive program –
Download: … _tools.cfm

  1. Using the DAEMON Tools program, mount panzersaga1.cue to your Virtual drive.

  2. Go Start>Run and type in the directory path to gentoc.exe (or click browse to find it), followed by a space and then the name of the .cue file. Then click OK.
    For example: D:\girigiri\gentoc.exe panzersaga1.cue

  3. Create a shortcut to gsaturn.exe by right clicking on gsaturn.exe and selecting “Create Shortcut”.

  4. Right click on the shortcut you just created and select Properties.

  5. Add a space and then -i on the end of the target.
    For Example: D:\girigiri\gsaturn.exe -i

  6. Now click on the Compatibility tab up the top.

  7. Tick the box next to “Run this program in compatibility for:” and then choose “Windows 98 / Windows Me” for the drop down list.

  8. Open base.ini and change fourth and sixth lines. In the fourth line you need to change the area code to one that matches the country of your CD. See the list below:

1 = Japan
2 = Taiwan/Philipines
4 = US/C
5 = Brazil
12 = Europe

On line 6, change from
depending on what you named the .bin file for your game.
Click OK.

  1. Now run GiriGiri from the shortcut you created before. If all went well you’ll be playing Panzer Dragoon Saga on your PC =D

thanks ! it works ! It’s pretty well emulated !!! Impressive.

Sestern, if it’s okay, could you please post the specifications of your computer (processor speed, memory, etc.) and how well Saga runs for you? I’d be interested to hear of your success in greater detail. :anjou_happy:

Obviously my own computer doesn’t really have the juice to run the game. :anjou_disappointment:

The computer I use for the internet is even worse; but I can’t complain too much - I don’t do many computing-intensive things anyway.

well it works fine, sound in music arent exactly the same so it sounds different, fights lag a bit but overall it’s easily playable.

my pc is : 3.2Hz P4
512 Mo ddr333 SDRAM
ati radeon 9700 64Mo

I will test it today on a geforce equipped PC, I’ll tell you the results.

That seems an impressive PC! Thanks for your reply. :anjou_happy:

I can’t wait to see if there will be an even better Saturn emulator soon. The one which Solo mentioned, by the author of Kega, may well be one to watch out for.

ok, tested on a 3GHZ P4 with a Geforce Mx 5600XT

There aren’t any slowdown.

No w all they have to do is fixing these slight problems with the sounds and some very minor graphic glitches. But right now, for people who dont have a saturn, they can enjoy azel a lot.

All that just to get an emulator working? Sheesh.