Another Panzer Game?

Anyone know whether another panzer dragoon game is in production/confirmed? I just finished Orta today and i cant wait for more!

It should be coming, yes. Thats if Sega give it the green light… and they cant really afford not too after Orta’s success.


yeah…uh…well knowing sega they’ll make a sequel anyways…

It pains me to say it, but I’m with Gehn on this one.

We shall see, my friends… we shall see.

Let it be written : If Smilebit don’t do a PD game I’ll do it!

Well that was informative, it’s so good to have someone from Sega here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’m kidding Abadd, you’re allright hehe :slight_smile:

The size and scope of a new Panzer Dragoon RPG with today’s technology will require a hell of a lot of effort on the part of Smilebit. I expect Smilebit will need to free up a lot of manpower for the aim of bringing such a mammoth task to fruition.

Imagine, a new PD RPG. I can see myself exploring ancient ruins at this very moment (I wonder if we’ll see on-foot combat).

As much as I’d love to be optimistic about the prospects of another Panzer RPG, I just don’t think it’ll happen. Just a bad feeling I have in my gut.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love another Saga as much as any of you, but I just don’t see it happening. Of course, I have been proved wrong in the past. Many times.

Many many times.

Sega is developing Shining Force 4 and Skies of Arcadia 2; why is a new Panzer Dragoon RPG so impossible to conceive?

“why is a new Panzer Dragoon RPG so impossible to conceive?”

Because no one has heard of Panzer Dragoon?

Mainly because Shining Force and Skies of Arcadia were games that had a wide appeal for people. I’m sure there are more fans for those games than for PD, or at least people who would buy them. Unfortunately, people buy games with names that are familiar to them.

It’s easy to get the wrong impression of the Panzer fanbase when you hang around here. We might be a rabid group of fans, but we’re a small minority of gamers. PD is unfortunately a niche series. Almost cult-like.

RPGs take a good amount of time and money to develop, so it’d be much more profitable for them to make an RPG based on a popular franchise, and Sega’s got plenty of 'em.

There’s a good chance of another shooter, granted. Shooters have a much wider appeal.

I feel that the market is ripe for a new RPG; after all, it is the quality of an RPG that sells an RPG, not just its name. In America, especially, where the X-Box is extremely popular, Sega can launch a new RPG from a stable platform (this wasn’t the case with the Saturn in 1998).

Hehehe… I won’t give you a straight answer about stories in games that have already released.

Do you think I’d give you a straight answer about something that’s not even out? :smiley:

And remember, stringing you guys along is one of my favorite pasttimes :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In all seriousness, though, if (and that really is an if, and not some contorted clue to the truth, so don’t over-analyze it) Sega were to release another Panzer, I’m sure there are, shall we say, “certain individuals close to the team” that would do everything they could to ensure the highest quality game possible.

I think our chances of another panzer game coming out is pretty much 50/50, anyone’s guess.

whips out a giant microscope and examines Abadd’s post

Aha! If you take the letters in Abadd’s post and rearrange them in a certain way, it says;

** “The name of the new Panzer Game is ‘Panzer Dragoon Azelsagazweiorta’, and it will feature over 500,000 NPCs and over 5.2 million dragon configurations. It has been estimated that the game could be finished in roughly a decade if you were to hook an IV into your arm and go without sleep or food.”**

It’s amazing what Abadd says if you rearrange what he says to suit your tastes! :wink:

Abadd don’t expect me to believe you…

…I never did before but… :stuck_out_tongue:

goes Berserk

If those freakin japs know what’s good for them they WILL make a new panzer game or freakin else!!! >(

tis the spirit, Gehn, tis the spirit…


goes off to cry

you know what? It’s just damn painful for me to WAIT for some stupid confirmations!!! I want my new panzer RPG and my NICO!!! I think the game industry is quite sullen right now…look at Sega lineup for the upcoming TGS…“Liliput Kingdom”?!? :o\ Damn!