Ancient Past

I was curious to see what the oldest thread here was and found some posts made by myself and my god, I am sorry haha. It was awful. I can only apologise on my younger self’s behalf.

I found a quote which is exactly how I felt reading my own 10 year old posts:

Have I ever posted about how much I loathe berserker?[/quote]

Whilst it was possibly the most I have ever cringed in my life, there were some fun memories in the old “Girls” thread.

In my defence, I was young and I believe this was my first ever forum experience! Over time I do see to get better thankfully. However, does show how old this place is. Pat on the back Solo.

We’ve all grown up a lot over the years. Looking back, I’d probably find lots of topics which I would reply to very differently these days.

And it’s really been 10 years? Yes it has… 03 Jul 2003 was when the first post was made. Time for new forums soon I think.

Doesn’t feel like it. The years went by too fast and I think how I have changed over those years. As Solo said, there are things I myself would view differently now or replied to differently.

I was musing the other day how the PD games have changed my life in some ways. Another game was Ecco. I have met some incredible people from both these games.