Amusement Vision and Hitmaker! GONE

Well, in name atleast, they are being re-integrated into Sega’s main HQ as the article below states: … ?id=106544

Sega management obviously wants all of its titles to be developed under the Sega name only for one reason or another.

Man, anyone who works for Sega must be on a constant identity crisis!

What Gehn said 0.0

Here’s a more negative outlook on the situation courtesy of

[quote]As of July 1st, Sega’s various subsidiaries are due to be retracted back into the main SEGA organisation, in news that sits uncomfortably with the firm’s super-loyal fanbase.

Studios including Amusement Vision and Hitmaker will close their websites, whilst other teams like AM2 will cut down non-essential web content, such as developer diaries and personal columns. This reintegration comes as a result of Sammy’s recent takeover of Sega and concludes the debate as to the ultimate future of Sega as it once existed.

As regular SPOnG readers will know, Sega reacted aggressively to the suggestion that its involvement with Sammy would result in any developmental restructure, with the ensuing rows between the press and Sega’s PR wings reverberating across the industry. And as with the full buy-out of Sega by Sammy, the fears of fans have been realised to the letter. Sega Japan underlines that current projects will be seen through to completion, though a reduction in output and the reining in of untested, highly innovative projects - arguably Sega’s defining property over the last decades - seems certain to come.

This news will also fan the flames of rumour that suggests Sega’s studio heads will be departing the firm at some point in the near future. Yuji Naka, Yu Suzuki and Toshihiro Nagoshi have all been named as those likely to jump ship in favour of pursuing their videogame goals across a broad spectrum of the press - a move that, if realised, would surely spell the absolute end of the Sega that has been omnipresent in the games industry for as long as we can remember.

Stay tuned for further updates on all things Sega in the coming weeks[/quote]

Some Sega fans fear that Sega will become another EA, relying on recognized brand names to keep itself afloat rather than games amounting to anything even remotely innovative. Perhaps this is for the best…

Yes, I heard those three names were “going out for a ride” :frowning:

Jeezus, guys… all that speculation is just pure bullcrap. Does nobody remember the fact that the development studios have only existed as separate entities for about, what, 4 years? Where do you think they were before that? They were directly a part of Sega. And they’re just returning to that position. End of story. It’s a financial controls decision… not some uber scheme from Sammy to destroy Sega’s developers and become some sort of EA.

Where would we be without the gaming press to predict the worst possible outcome or exaggerate beyond all reason? :slight_smile:

In a better world :wink:

Don’t listen to the drone Geoff!He knows nothing >D

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Simply great post mate and so spot on.

It just means the Teams won?t have their separate budgets anymore, which since seeing as SEGA does not need to make unique games to help get people to buy their consoles, makes sence.

The teams will still in their respected groups/Teams.
Back in the SEGA Enterprises days long before we saw the AM#2 logo back in 1992/3.
The groups we still split into teams. If look at games like Golden Axe they have AM#1 on 1 of the backgrounds.

So not much is going to change.
It?s a bit of a shame, as I did like to know which teams made what games, and it was easier to get in contact with your favorite development team in SEGA, by E-mail (if you were Japanese).

Another go thing is that the former studio heads don?t have to worry about balancing their budgets, and can concentrate more on the games.

Plus don’t listen to what those lossers spong say. if you listen to them. Out Run II is only coming out for the PS 2. S. Miyamoto was leaving Nintendo, and Mario Tennis was going to be Online

^^^That’s my whole philosophy of life right there.[/quote]

So, if you keep saying stupid stuff, but then say something that isn’t stupid, you feel incredibly intelligent?

So THAT explains it!

Your dumb as they come don’t you.The key word is “relief”.

Even if the Sammy takeover doesn’t effect Sega’s everyday operations, I have a feeling Sega will continue to focus on its more successful franchises like Shinobi and Sonic, which can only be a good thing. However, I don’t want to see Sega abandon its innovative streak; that was the very thing that helped Sega become so successful in the first place.

I’m more than happy with Sega’s decision to develop sequels for the Phantasy Star and Shining series (assuming every goes according to plan). If Sega uses a graphics engine in the same vein as Skies of Arcadia for the new Shining Force, and if the gameplay remains the same as its predeccsors, and if Sega gives Yoshitaka Tamaki the task of drawing the game’s artwork, then I have high hopes for the game (if only there weren’t so many ifs).

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