Ack. I just went to go see Hero

This will probably be one of those movies that everybody will be raving about for months but me. It’ll no doubt rake in a lot of money. I kinda figured it wouldn’t be as good as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when I went to go see it. Little did I realize what a backwards plotting, overwrought, and heavily pretentious movie Hero was going to turn out to be. At least Crouching Tiger had a sense of elegance and knew how to have fun every once in a while and celebrated its martial arts and warriors. Hero just loved to hear the sound of its own voice and gave me characters I could care less about.

Didya dislike it that much?

I thought Hero was a pretty good movie for all the qualities that I liked about Crouching Tiger. Though I did like Crouching Tiger better…

Well at the very least it’s more intelligent than most of the other Jet Li movies. But some movies I’ve enjoyed were mindless fun, like the Matrix movies.

i thought it was beautiful; everything i expect from an art film, put to use in fight scenes and a lovely, melancholic story. everything sat well with me except for some editing tricks, particularly during the water fight. i highly recommend it.