About to change your life forever

I’m proud to say i’m about to change YOUR life forever.

Just download this music clip and listen to it TILL THE END.

sbtc.nrg.kiev.ua/download.php/01 … 20Rain.MP3

Now tell me what you think.

You must think we’re terribly gullible.

No I think your are nice and receptive people.

I’m sorry Gehn, but that song didn’t move me.

While we’re on the subject, change your avatar back!

It didn’t move you cause it left you numb!Common Geoff!How can you NOT like that!

Pansy! :stuck_out_tongue:

My avatar will be changed in seconds sir :frowning:

Ok, that’s better, but whenever I look at your avatar, the words “don’t thank me; thank the moon’s gravitational pull” spring to mind.

Music rarely inspires or stirs any emotion within me anymore. I need to find myself a copy of the Grandia 2 OST.

May I recommend www.lokmusic.com
Check Sr2’s ost.