Abadd and Azel

Not necessarily; Abadd’s quest for Orta often seemed like an attempt to acquire a material possession, rather than a search for knowledge. His words were something like “Once your body is mine, I will be able to reproduce myself infinitely”.

Abadd could possibly have needed Orta’s genetic code, from which he could template his race of Drones. As Abadd said, normal Drones’ genes could not be passed on. If this literally meant that the genes could not be replicated without flaws, then exact copies of himself could not be make. Perhaps Orta’s genetic code held the key to either repairing or modifying this flaw.

On the other hand, Drones were created for specific purposes. It’s certainly possible that Abadd simply could not operate the Drone production facility that Azel used, because that ability would be irrelevant to his other intended duties. But as Orta was created by Azel (and not the controlling Ancients), perhaps Azel gave her the ability to interface with all sorts of Ancient Age ruins and devices. We know that Azel was quite unique. Abadd may have simply needed Orta as the key to turn the Drone facility on.

Not that I’m not saying these explanations are probably correct, of course. I’m just pointing out that it’s very hard to come to conclusions about Abadd’s “plans” for Orta.

I believe the answer to how Azel created Orta lay in Orta’s DNA. Cloning Orta’s genome (with a few modifications) is also something worth considering.

However, if Abadd knew how Azel created Orta via the hybridisation of human and drone genes, he wouldn’t have hesitated to attempt it himself. There’s something special about Azel, though a drone given the important task of reviving the ancients wouldn’t have been any less sophisticated. The higher end drones were “asigned to priority locations”, so who knows what technology they could and couldn’t interface with.

Ah, I kind of misinterpreted what you said before… I thought you were saying Abadd didn’t know that Orta had been created from human and Drones genes. (Which of course, he did.) If Abadd just lacked the knowledge to carry out the fusion successfully - I think that’s what you’re suggesting? - then that would make sense.

So - running through my current understanding / theory - Orta was a Drone, but she was produced from a genetic template that involved human genes. It was the human genes that gave her own genetic code the potential to be replicated / reproduced where normal Drone’s genes could not be. Abadd apparently lacked the knowledge of how to incorporate human genes into his own code, though. However, if he had Orta’s code, he could simply splice the necessary section into his own, and thus he would be able to make clones of himself successfully.

That would make sense. I think. :slight_smile:

Still, how Azel managed to splice her genes with human DNA to create Orta is what we all really want to know. Drones aren’t meant to reproduce (I can imagine the ancients ensuring this), so Azel must know something Abadd doesn’t or her DNA must hold the answer.

What was stopping Abadd from fusing his DNA with human DNA in order to spawn his very own human/drone hybrid? I don’t buy the “he wasn’t allowed to” argument simply because he was clearly a higher end drone given access to priority locations (you wouldn’t limit the abilities of the drone tasked with your revival, lest you invite unforeseen trouble).

Abadd was clearly a high-end drone, but I can’t imagine that the Ancients would have given him unlimited freedom in his own will. It doesn’t matter if he’s loyal to his masters or not, in the end he wanted to create a race of drones which is exactly what the Ancients tried to prevent. So I think there’s reason enough why they would try to give Abadd less freedom in his actions.

The Ancients tried to prevent a race of drones? How do you explain the drone villages talked about in PDO’s pandora’s box?
And even so, Abadd WAS loyal to the Ancients, only once he saw he wasn’t able to complete his goal (ressurecting his masters) he set out to do something he thought his masters would have approved of… If he was able to complete his main goal then all this wouldn’t have happened. And on the other hand what difference would it make to the ancients what Abadd would do after that point in the even that he was unable to complete his main goal? They’d be dead for good so it wouldn’t matter to them…
Oh and having high level access to places and equipment etc doesn’t mean he would have complete freedom in his will. He’s obviously unable to oppose the Ancients

Sorry I wasn’t clear on that point. I meant they wanted to prevent drones from reproducing so they could ensure they remained slaves.

Like I said, loyal or not, he did do something he should not have been allowed to do. It’s possible he couldn’t use the same technique Azel used to create Orta because he wasn’t allowed to by his programming.

Probably, but we can’t be 100% sure about that. After all, he did save Orta in the beginning of the game, and I doubt that was a part of his mission. At that point, he didn’t know his primary objective could not be fulfilled.

I doubt the Ancients really wanted to considered that possibility…

Well, that’s it. I think he was restricted by the Ancients’ programming. But it’s possible he tried to circumvent this and use Orta to fulfil his new objective anyway.

Has anyone thought that the Ancients may have actually wanted a race of drones to be bred? I think it’s possible that they may have considered the drones more “pure” than humans, and thus wanted them to overtake the planet if they died off. Drones are, in a way, like the Ancients decendants because they created them.

In Panzer Dragoon Orta, the drones are - from what we know - a dying race. If in the time before the formation of the Empire there were whole settlements of drones, but in PDO the Empire has trouble getting hold of one (at least, they found it easier to chase after Orta and Abadd, compared to a dragonless drone). The Ancients may have created ways to create new drones if their numbers started decreasing.

Not quite. The Ancients were the only ones who could create the Drones. The reason why they’ve been “dying off” is because the Ancients haven’t been around to make more.

Considering the fact that drones couldn’t reproduce, does that mean the remaining drones in the borderlands are 10,000 years old? I can’t see any other possibility, but it’s almost unimaginable that Drones could live that long. Pure-type bio-monsters did survive that period of time, but they were hibernating, unlike the Drones.

They need only to buy new batteries.

Yeah, that’s what I basically think too. But the technology that the Ancients used to create the drones could still be around somewhere, similar to how the device used to make dragons (the Cradle) was unearthed. Azel probably used some sort of Ancient technology to create Orta (even if she’s only a half drone). What I’m saying is that the Ancients may have left this technology behind on purpose if their resusitation proved impossible. They might have prefered drones to rule the world, rather than humans.

I seem to remember reading that one of the monsters mentioned in Pandora’s Box was about 2000 years old. I think it was one of the bosses, but don’t quote me on that. 10,000 years is quite a large sum of time to be alive in, I agree.

Zadoc mentions that drones have to return to Uru in order to survive. By the sounds of things, when Azel ran away at the end of Panzer Dragoon Saga, part of the reason was so she could ‘re-charge’ herself, so to speak. Drones don’t eat food, so they’d need some other kind of external energy source in order to survive for long periods of time.

For you guys to stop calling em spammer let me just clarify that my previous post was ontopic and I was saying that i think Drones can be pretty mcuh immortal if they have a powersource who can “heal” them once in a while.

Like Azel/Uru relation.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]For you guys to stop calling em spammer let me just clarify that my previous post was ontopic and I was saying that i think Drones can be pretty mcuh immortal if they have a powersource who can “heal” them once in a while.

Like Azel/Uru relation.[/quote]

Geniuses think alike :slight_smile:

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Just replying to a general point above: as far as can be known, all pure type monsters and Drones were created 10,000 years ago in the Ancient Age and they have simply remained. Drones are incapable of reproduction and pure types are incapable of reproduction, so I don’t think that there’s much of an alternative*…

Remember that the white/black substance that the Ancients made all of their ruins, creatures and drones out of seems incapable of decay. If the ruins haven’t really broken down (and the term “ruin” does seem to be an exaggeration), it would make sense that Drones and pure types would survive in the same way.

As something in PDO’s Pandora’s Box says, the Ancients seemed to use the same genetic engineering in all of their technologies. That would make all of these things equally durable.

  • EDIT: Except that some pure types may have been manufactured by Towers / ruins in the meantime, but I’m quite sure that Drones wouldn’t have been.

how do we know drones don’t hybernate either :slight_smile:
Azel was hybernating in that device and so was Abadd in his own little uh…rock.
Perhaps drones are hybernating in Towers as well and maybe they were re-awakened at this time where the Ancients would have returned if Abadd was able to complete his mission.
Or even if not, I don’t see why they couldn’t have survived all this time. If they did go to URU once in a while then they could have been constantly repaired as good as new in the style of Shellcoof and the Guardian Dragon. Assuming they had even gotten damaged at all ofcourse since I imagine that would be kinda hard since the pure type monsters wouldn’t attack them and also a lot of them are propably more than capable of defending themselves… I’m sure life in the drone villages is much easier than life in the human settlements :slight_smile: