Abadd and Azel

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He probably knew why she was created. She’s obviously the key to some grand lock that will pave the way for the destruction of humanity. Laughs evily.

Abadd was loyal to his masters, even when he disobeyed them :slight_smile: However, Abadd’s interest in Orta, even before his failure to resuscitate his masters, seems strange. A being like Orta was exactly what the Ancients didn’t want. So why would Abadd think there’s a destiny for her?

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“I’m going to enjoy tearing your body limb from limb”

okay now someone can tell me that’s was directed to the dragon :stuck_out_tongue:[/quote]

Evren wasn’t just saying that. They were going to dissect her and learn how to create drones to control al the other ruins :slight_smile: Orta may be human enough for the Empire to clone her or use her DNA to build their own drones. Creating ‘pure-type’ drones may have been too difficult for the Empire, but they know a lot more about human anatomy.

IMO he obviously thought that her destiny was what his plans were for her. To “possess” her and use her for the creation of the drone clones or whatever his exact plans were.

Yes Al3x but what about the Ancients ressurection?

IMO,Abadd might have missunderstood one of his tasks as for his intentions with Orta.

Or maybe Orta was part of The Will.

He only wanted to use Orta after he realised he could not complete his mission of ressurecting his “ancient masters”, no?
I think we’ve discussed it before and that we came to a common agreement that after Abadd realised he could not fullfill his purpose anymore he sought to take control of Orta in order to create a world that he believed his Ancient Masters would have approved of were they there… It does not mean that they would really want that, it was just what Abadd thought…

Abadd doesn’t think.

Hmm… I’m quite sure that the Empire wanted Orta alive, and that only certain individuals - particularly Evren - wanted her dead after seeing how much of a threat she posed. (And seeing how unrealistic her capture was.) The following lines confirm that the Empire was trying to capture her:

Between Episodes 1 and 2:

"Capture the girl and the dragonmares within the Cradle will be completed."

Between Episodes 3 and 4:

"Destroy the dragon and retrieve the target."

As for the dragonmares in the opening FMV… I’m sure that they were never intending to kill her. The first sub-scenario also confirms that the Empire were trying to “retrieve” Orta in that mission, not destroy her.

I want to know what made the Empire think Orta could operate the Cradle/Bioreactor. Perhaps because she was a human/drone hybrid they jumped to the conclusion she was capable of interfacing with ancient technology (i.e. a conclusion stemming from ignorance).

The real question is: how did the Empire discover the existence of Orta? The answer must lie with Abadd. He must’ve informed the Empire about Orta, as he was the only entity in any position to learn about her.

How do you know Abadd doesn’t think Gehn? What we know for almost certain is that he does not have enough free will to ever oppose TWOTA but he is obviously an intelligent life form…

Just as your computer is intellegent enough to make a popup appear when you hard drive space has been exceeded (random, possibly ridiculous example).

I’d surmise that Abadd was one of the highly intelligent drones who formed their own identity but remained loyal to the ancients nevertheless (after enduring the ravages of madness), as described by the drone record cut from Panzer Dragoon Saga.



Sorry, the technical term is “confusion in thought patterns”. Abadd hasn’t quite recovered yet has he?

What about Surmise?I don’t know what that means. :stuck_out_tongue:

Orta is the master key to the control program of the tower.
Okay, that is no use for anyone…

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If I weren’t such a nice guy I’d tell ya.

I wonder if Abadd knew what purpose Orta was meant to serve and why she was created. He couldn’t figure out how Azel created her, so does that necessarily mean he didn’t know what fate had in store for her?

Can we even be that sure about what Abadd knew? The evidence in the game provides very little information indeed. I can think of at least two feasible explanations of Abadd’s “plan” that would involve him knowing exactly how Azel created Orta…

But if he knew, he wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of acquiring Orta’s body.

Abadd knew much more than he was willing to admit IMO.