A wandering e-traveller

A big thank you first of all to Shadow, for sorting out my initial registration problems. :anjou_happy:

Anyway! Hello, my good people. I managed to stumble across this site a couple of hours ago, whilst doing a random search for gerenal Panzer Dragoon related media.

I’m quite surprised that I never found this place before now, to be honest, because Panzer Dragoon is a series that I have been fond for quite some time now, though I’ll freely admit to being a Panzer Dragoon virgin up until the X-Box’s Orta game. It’s beautiful style and complex lure is what has kept me attached to the series since. :anjou_happy:

A simply introduction of myself is in order, I guess.

My name is Michael, and I’m an Irishman of 24 years young. I’m a dedicated amateur writer, a hardcore gamer, and a philosopher by hobby. Beyond that, you’ll have to learn the rest yourself.

Guaranteed, I will be staying around these boards, and regularly posting, though my general activity may be a little sporactic from time to time. I’ll see you all around the forums, I guess. :anjou_love:

Wiilcome to the forums. Buy and play the early PD games starting with Zwei.

Weelcome. Buying a Saturn straight away and all three games is the best gaming investment you’ll likely ever make.

What? You’ve not played the Saturn games?! Egads man, get to fixing that now! And you’re welcome =P

Welcome.I’ll be your reckoning if ya odn’t keep your promiss :stuck_out_tongue:

You seem oddly familiar. [size=59]Fear, I’m Golradir~[/size]

Yes. It would also possibly be one of the most expensive gaming investment I’m ever likely to make, and money is something I’m very much in very short supply of… :anjou_embarassed:

Anyone wanna give me a loan of their credit card? :anjou_love:

Pedro: I do?

Hmmm… what forums do you go to? I go under this name on all of them (except EyesonFF, where I go under Vincent Valentine). I’m guessing you may have crossed paths with me on another forum at some point in the past, or something similar. :anjou_happy:

Does AL and the edit in my previous post ring a bell?

Holy… Golradir?

Hahaha. Wow, that’s just… creepy. I’m guessing you can probably figure out what inspired my recent Panzer Dragoon thread over on the AL forumsm then? laughs

Wow. This is just creepy, though not entirely unexpected. Good to see an old face on here that I know, regardless. :anjou_happy:

The internet is a small place… :anjou_embarassed:

Welcome. Enjoy the forums, Words of Ivory. :slight_smile:

Tell me about it. Still evn if getting saga was the most expensiv video game I ever bought I think it was well worth it.

It’s only Saga that will cost you a lot of money (and even then, the Japanese version is cheap - about ?15 or so).
A PAL Saturn shouldn’t set you back more than ?30, and the first two games won’t cost you more than ?10 each, so it isn’t all that expensive.
Zwei is more than worth it - IMHO I think it’s even better than Orta!

[quote=“Kimimi”]It’s only Saga that will cost you a lot of money (and even then, the Japanese version is cheap - about ?15 or so).

Yeah the only issue then is having Japanese lessions so you understand whats going on :anjou_sigh:

Or using a FAQ :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure, if you can’t read Japanese then that’s obviously a problem, but you could still get through the game.
The other thing I’d suggest is to pick up the PAL demo disc that was originally given away free on the front of Sega Saturn magazine - it’s always pretty cheap and although it’s a “demo” it’s acutlaly the first disc in its entirety.

Or you could download Saga off bittorrent like I did.