A couple of questions

I was wondering if Panzer Dragoon Orta is rumored to be on anything other than XBox? I would really like to get it, but i’m not buying an XBox for it.

Also, is there any plans for Zwei to be released as a Sega Ages remake?

Just wondering, if anyone has heard anything.


It’s been several years since Orta was released, so it’d take nothing short of a miracle to still see it ported to any other console I’m afraid.

And though it is a possibility Zwei could be released as a Sega Ages remake, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Nothing’s been announced.

Actually I wouldn’t be too surprised…

Anyways welcome Xero.

PS:Whatcha doing posting in the Stronghold Shadow?!

Going just a bit OTT there mate :). The X-Box console isn’t 7 years old yet . ORTA is only 4 years old

He said ‘several’, not ‘seven’ =P

Oh sh8t yeah , Bastard hangover .
Though I must admit untill Rodney Marsh said that on you’re on Sky Sports I never knew several ment 3

[quote=“Team Andromeda”]

Oh sh8t yeah , Bastard hangover .
Though I must admit untill Rodney Marsh said that on you’re on Sky Sports I never knew several ment 3[/quote]

what?? when did he say that?

dictionary.reference.com/search?q=several :anjou_sigh:


Anyway don’t buy an Xbox for Orta, but it for Orta, and all the other great games! :stuck_out_tongue:

What other great games though? Most of the titles that I’ve been interested in playing have been ported to other platforms anyway… :anjou_sigh:

Ninja Gaiden Black.

I bought mine from Orta and Steel Battalion. Although I’ve played other games on the system that I’ve enjoyed there isn’t anything else I’d keep an Xbox just to play.

JSRF, ORTA, Kung Fi Chaos, SEGA GT online , O.TO.GI , Ninja Gaiden Black, Oddworld Stranger, Steel Battlion haven’t been ported over and they are the best games I’ve played this gen.

But only 3 of them don’t have prequels of some description on other consoles. I don’t rate Kung Fu Chaos anyway, I consider it a poor (wo)mans Power Stone.

Yeah, the original Xbox was lame, game wise. Orta was probably the only good thing that ever graced the console – and that’s cutting it.

So what if some have prequels that like slamming the N64 for just having udates . Kung Fu Chaos isn’t has good as Powerstone but’s a million times better than PowerStone II.
X-Box sucked when it came to platform games (Well BLiNX was ace) and JP RPG’s but for Racer, FPS’s, Action and Mech Games it was in a class of it own

There was far more the X-Box than just ORTA.
JSRF is on of the best games I’ve ever played in my life. In people here are going to call the likes of Riddick , Crismon Skies, SB, KFC, O.TO.GI II, Ninja Gaiden , Oddworld Stranger, HALO, Rasllisport II , Out Run II, SEGA GT, Dead Or Alive U, HOTD III, Mech Assualt II, Doom 3, HL II

Hardly what I call lame and thats titles of the top of head. Also I could’nt give too sh8ts, if the game are out onthe PC,. My PC would have heart failer trying to run them, and the likes of Pro Evo, Tomb Raider , FF were also out onthe PC didn’t maker happy as a Saturn owner though

Doom 3 is crap and HL2 isn’t worth it without the ability to have multiplayer modes, free add ons and fan made modifications like you get on the PC.

The rest of the games you mention are not that special with either having better prequels (JSR), being multiplatform (Outrun), or simply not being system sellers. Just good fun games to play while you wait for the BIG ones (that never came in the case of the Xbox). Seriously, racing games? There are tons of them, good and bad, for any system. As for DoA, well, imo the DoA series is a cheap knock off of Virtua Fighter with an added twist (emphasis on counters) that doesn’t do much other than make it need even less skill.