20th Anniversary Playthroughs

So, who else is planning on playing PDS again this year in honour of the 20th anniversary?

This year also marks the 10th anniversary of when I last played the game as well, on an emulator; it’s funny to think that it’s my number one game of all time yet that ranking is based on only half of the game’s ‘life’. My Saturn-style PC gamepad has broken, so the only thing stopping me from replaying it is the wait for a new one (maybe one of the upcoming Retro-bits Bluetooth ones…?).

I think, if anyone is going to play PDS again this year, we should all update this thread with our thoughts on the game 20 years on.


I’ll probably be playing it during my usual summer play through. I usually play it once a year.

I just wish we could discover something new in the game. One time I spent a couple hours in the various Caravan locations trying to force Edge out of bounds, but no luck. It would be really cool to glitch out and into the Caravan plains like we can in Zoah!

I sold my copy a few years ago. I want to let more time pass before I reply it. I figured having to get another copy and all that would make it more special the next time I play it. I also don’t have a Saturn no more so…

If I may ask: why did you sell it?

I’m planning on playing the prototype pretty soon so I can compare the scripts. Also, I got 99.4% of the break targets on my last playthrough and it’s really been bothering me…so that’s even more motivation to restart.

I feel like I always play this game with a strange, unrealistic expectation that something different is going to happen.

One time, I swear, I walked inside a new building in Zoah, but sadly I was delusional! There are so many locked doors in the Holy District though it’s maddening!..

But I did actually discover something new one time: At the very end of the game before you go to the Tower with Azel you can actually bring her to the Excavation Site; where she stands off into the distance, staring at the entrance. And she says a few lines of dialogue…

I think you can do the same thing with Gash in the beginning of the game, before you bring him to the Garil Desert…

I think it’s been a couple years since I played it so it might be fresh again. I got my Saturn set up with a projector now, so it’ll be fun getting immersed in a world with pixels as big as my fist. :anjou_love:

By the way @UrbanReflex, some of those Saturn clone PC pads have similar molding to actual Sega Saturn controllers. I swapped out the cheap plastic on the playsega one I had with an authentic Saturn pad and it’s working great.

Listening to the Revival album, I would say chances are high I am going to replay this very soon. The game still calls to me as timeless, immersive, and absorbing.

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Probably won’t have time to replay PDS at the moment, but I’m interested in reading your thoughts. I still remember the game quite well.

I needed some money and decided it would be fun to see how I would react to not having the game. I also wanted to create more time until I would next play the game. Als my copy was missing the manuals and original paper casing…I want to buy the whole thing in mint condition next time :slight_smile:

EDIT: OMFG! I wasn’t aware how much the prizes for PDS on ebay had risen!!! I sold mine a couple of years ago for 300 euro I think…I see some copies going for 880 euros now!!! Maybe it’s time to start thinking of getting a copy for myself…the prize might go even higher in coming years considering how popular gaming is, and how retro stuff is getting to be regarded differently more and more.

I was looking idly at prices for PDS on EBay the other day… And no matter how high they’ve gotten I still wouldn’t consider selling mine.

I need to play it again this year on my Saturn. Last time I played it was on emulator a couple of years ago…

Yeah, the prices are at the extreme high end now! I remember when the most it was ever going for was $400! And people might as well get it now, because they are just going to go up.

Hell, Guardian Heroes goes for like $150 now and Magic Knight Rayearth is going for over $400, it used to go for about $180!

This one hurts because I could have gotten it for $50 if I didn’t oversleep one black Friday. Guess I can give up collecting on Saturn.

I’ll be playing through again this year. I’m waiting on the retro-bit bluetooth saturn controllers being released though; I like playing on my original Saturn and it’s just not convenient having to stretch cables across the room to play.

Why aren’t they making a Bluetooth, 3D analog Saturn controller, I only see the standard d pad one?..

Check it out!

Looks like the are releasing Saturn controllers with analog capability, even if its not a remake of the 3D Pad.


I was just looking for a good Bluetooth or USB 6 button pad. Just got an Nvidia Shield TV and installed a ton of ROMs / CD rips of my old games. Really wanted a good Sega six button for classic gaming. How exciting!!

Has anyone tried using SSF with one of these 6 button controllers (either Mega Drive or Saturn)? I ran into issues configuring SSF to work with the PS4 controller, whereas the 360 (and possibly Xbox One—I don’t remember if I tried it) controller was more straight forward.

Ideally these things would be plug and play, like the OpenEmu emulator for macOS (which unfortunately doesn’t support the Saturn at this time). Definitely the most user friendly console emulator I’ve tried.

Solo, the Retro-bit controller seems to work. I also haven’t had any issues with a wired 360 controller. You might try the emulator in RetroArch from Mednafen. It appears to have broader controller support and I would argue the emulator is getting close to surpassing SSF.

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