20th Anniversary Playthroughs



Yeah, the wired USB Saturn pad i used to have worked fine until it broke. It was a Retro Bits one though.


To follow up, it seems the emulator in RetroArch is broken after recent updates. :/. I keep wanting to like RetroArch but keep running into these small problems with it. Mednafen has solid emulators, but horrible UI. I might actually try and write a simple Python GUI for Mednafen soon that is cross platform, starting with tge Saturn emulator. I want it to have simple set up choices and make it easier to just play.


I use a PS4 controller through an application called SCP. Reads it as a 360 controller and makes it much easier in general to use on PCs. It even lets you connect through bluetooth (albeit by modifying a bluetooth adapter permanently so you might want to get a spare cheap one for it).