2 "mini-dragons" : Solo Wing & Base Wing!

Happy new Year to everyone !!

I’m back on the forum to show you my last creations.
Last ones were minifigs of PD characters : Kyle, Lundi, Edge and Orta.

But last week, I decided to make small scale dragons.
Of course, I first made the Solo Wing dragon :

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing01.jpg

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing04.jpg

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing03.jpg

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing02.jpg

And the Base Wing, in order to have something red near my Solo Wing :

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing04.jpg

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing02.jpg

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing03.jpg

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing01.jpg

perso.wanadoo.fr/manga.world/ima … wing05.jpg

That’s all for now, but I’m going to make 2 others… surprise !

Hope you will appreciate my fan-art !

I’m envious of your blending, sir. I wish I could do it as well as that.
Although I do remember the Base Wing being a bit more towards the maroon side than blazing orange, but orange is cool.

If you could send some tips on blending/feathering, that would be very nice, thank you. pleads

I’m trying to figure out how to make some panzer models myself right now, actually. Should be fun.

Those ar every good man :slight_smile:
Do a Dark Dragon one prettay please!!!


Dude…0.0 That is cool

drops jaw


Is your armor shining yet Omega ? :wink:

Go. Pro.


I want to make an imperial cruiser too…

and a pilot for the fighter.

the lenth of the match is 9cm

Whoa… An Imperial ship model! 0__________0 That is COOL!!!

Nice KFC.

I wish I had the skill that you guys have :slight_smile:

Excellent work both of ya :slight_smile:


I will edit a tutorial “How to make your own dragon” next week.
Model chosen is the Valiant Wing. It will be a “step by step”, with pictures and text to explain the making of small scale dragon.

It could be fun if we were several guys to make dragons !

I’m all into that!!!Darky!!!

Nice models. I want them.

Ditto… Panzerness in my room.

remember the infamous Die Welt’s sweepstakes

I want my price god damnit!!

wants an Atolm model (preferable at a 1 to 1 scale)

Lol!! :smiley: