1080p xo orta~~~~^_^

  1. Panzer Dragoon ORTA
  2. JSRF
  3. Phantom Dust

great infromation for XO users


what is XO?

xbox 360


Original Xbox Game Support August 2006 Update



Full list in English here:

xbox.com/en-US/games/backwar … eslist.htm

Great, great news!

I’ll post an update on the main page later on (this is the best Panzer news in while!). Also, I’ll get round to replying to the other topics here as soon such as your one about the Dragon Life Cycle Theory, gunblade, when I get a spare moment. Have to shoot off for now…

I’m really happy to see that they’ve finally emulated it!

yeah true, should play the exact same right?

[quote=“hein”]xbox 360
X O[/quote]

I thought it might have been a hack or something, anyway GREAT NEWS!

With Jet Set and Panzer now emulated I am ever ever closer to getting 360.
Hopefully Outrun 2, Gun Valkyrie and OTOGI 2 aren’t far behind.



480P -> 720P~~~ :anjou_sigh:

NICE! I’m a lot more hyped about JSRF than Orta actually, because it looks awful in component on my widescreen CRT. I just hope the games aren’t choppy like Ninja Gaiden was at first…

I’ve updated the main page - panzerdragoon.net/ - has anyone found a way to get around this error?

only 16:9…
4:3 is not supported on Xbox360

OK, I just tried out all three games… Phantom Dust looks as fantastic as ever (I sort of forgot just how fantastic it is actually) but it seems to be barely pulling off 30fps, and it should be 60. So I wont be actually playing that one, still it looks great.

Panzer Dragoon Orta ran just fine for me, I played up to the 5th stage on hard and no issues. I’m really really pleased, it seems to be flawless other than the choppiness of the FMV, but even that’s not as bad as Ninja Gaiden’s video was and there’s only 3 vids in the game anyway.

JSRF!!! Seems to be perfect from what I can tell, and the color looks ‘right’ on my DLP TV which I was a little worried about, since running on XBOX it looks really bland in component. My favorite XBOX game of them all, looking better than ever… it’ll probly steal another 50 hours from me now. :anjou_happy:

A poster on Hyperactive.com.au said they experienced a crash after episode 3. Hopefully a rare occurence. Hopefully PDO & Phan Dust get updated in following BC updates sorting out the frame rate and movie issues.

Yeah, hopefully they all get ironed out eventually. Having played more of JSRF it’s not actually perfect, it seems to generally only frame-out in the same places it normally does but far worse at times, 99th Street is pushing the boundaries of playability for me… but DAMN I love this game and it looks different in some vague way, almost closer to the effect the original had, I seem to like it better, if that’s possible. I will cry at some point in the far future if the series becomes ‘officially’ dead…

But anyway I don’t know why I was able to play past episode 3 of PDO, but as long as they get that fixed it’s as good as you could ask. Orta absolutely looks better on 360, even though the resolution is not truly 720p (similar to Halo 2, you can really see the ‘jags’ on vertical edges at times) the image just looks especially right for the game, even more “panzerish” to me in some odd way.

I’m wondering if perhaps the problem only affects the PAL version of the game.

That’s great that JSRF works for the most part - unfortunately the 360 doesn’t seem to like the Sega GT 2002/JSRF combo disc, which means that people who bought that bundle will need to track down another copy of the game.

EDIT: By the way, I noticed that PDO is currently 3rd on Gamespot’s most popular list. That 360 update must have turned a few heads. :slight_smile:

When the narrator in Orta speaks, does anyone get a colored blue box behind the text, instead of that flowing Sestren-like stuff?

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]
EDIT: By the way, I noticed that PDO is currently 3rd on Gamespot’s most popular list. That 360 update must have turned a few heads. :)[/quote]

I wondering that too, but since every news story has a game that it’s tied to, everyone who clicks that news story to read it makes it seem that the game got a hit as well. Many people read about the BC update, but I doubt many cared for Orta sadly.

I can’t get past ep3 either, with my PAL version. :anjou_disappointment:

From Xbox.com:

Currently the North American versions of these games are the only ones supported as backward compatible titles on Xbox 360.

It looks like the PAL versions of some of the Xbox games on the list, which makes it surprising why they would allow the games to run at all.

Well that’s a little strange, but in a way it’s encouraging. I take it as an indication that the work is still in progress then…

Hopefully by the time they’re officially EU/PAL/other functional they’ll all be running perfect as well.

And did I mention how BAD ASS JetSetRadioFuture is? The best ‘platformer’ of the entire generation! Unfortunately that’s not saying a whole lot actually. :anjou_sigh: