Zwei teaser on Gametap

when I clicked on the link it was the first movie they showed on top- just fun to see it “advertised” after all this time. Has anyone tried the service yet?

Is that Professor Utonium from the Powerpuff Girls?Anyway that’s some cheesy advertisement.Still, it’s always good to know people are playing Panzer Dragoon again, in one form or the other.

And why did th have to pick the US cover of the game…

I really didn’t know what I should do with my orignal japanese PDZ t-shirt. it’s japanese L, that’s less than M in european size… so I let my GF wear it as a nighty, pretty geekish, ey? :anjou_love:

Eh? What does that have to do with gametap…

That’s pretty interesting news (about Zwei being playable on a PC in some sort of sanctioned way I mean, not about KFC’s girlfriend). I’m curious to know how well it works, but the screenshot on their Zwei page suggests “not perfectly”. That’s a shot of the flying section of Episode 2, and it’s missing the fog effect that both GiriGiri and SSF have always messed up as well (the grey ground should be whited out; I’ve always assumed it was meant to make it look like you were above the clouds).

It’s probably the same emulator Sega had used (Giri Giri or whatever) at some point…

I was just editing my post to say the same thing. I found the video that lagi mentioned, and I’d say it’s almost certainly running on the old official GiriGiri emulator: the game’s running at a higher resolution than it should, but it has the awful visual bug of the ground (the 2D plane) not moving in sync with the scenery (the 3D models).

That’s just what the game looked like under GiriGiri, and if it’s true that that’s what’s being used then it’s a serious shame: partly because a better emulator is currently available for free (SSF), and also because that’d make it unlikely that Saga will be released for this service any time soon (GiriGiri always had serious problems with Saga).

Well they’ll also probably only offer games Sega offered and Saga wasn’t on the list… Actually even less games since I doubt they’ll translate Shining Force III chapters just for this, heh…

GameTap uses a brand new, custom Saturn emulator that they’ve built from the ground up. The system requirements are fairly high for the Saturn games as well (IIRC it’s mainly software-based emulation closer to SSF’s method and unlike GiriGiri’s solution), so you need a beefy machine to run the games they support.

It’s highly unlikely that they’ll translate Shining Force III chapters 2 and 3 (they offer the japanese version of Monster World IV, for instance), but it’s possible that they’ll wind up putting Treasure’s Saturn library on there (including Radiant Silvergun) given their precedent with other japanese and Treasure games (especially since they offer Alien Soldier).

I know a lot of people have been clamoring for them to add support for Panzer Dragoon Saga, but it wouldn’t hurt for a few more to post some messages on their suggestion board requesting it or other Saturn titles. The guys that run Gametap are pretty hardcore gamers, but it never hurts to have some stuff from the community to justify them targeting the inclusion of certian games.

One of the devs became obsessed with Pyramid Magic, got everyone else in the office hooked, got a bunch of people on GameTappers hooked, and the next thing you know Pyramid Magic 2 and 3 were licensed and on the system :slight_smile: