Zwei Episode 4 ruins and its conection to the tower

Ok, check out this map ( … es_map.jpg ).

As you can see, hidden whit in the forest of Panzer Dragoon Zwei, there is a tower, and comparing those two maps we can say that Lundi passed very close to it…or maybe INSIDE OF IT.
Think about it, the forest was heavily protected by ancient creatures, some of them Pure Type, like the Golia Tracker that we face at the end of episode three.
Then we get inside of these ancient ruins which were heavily protected as well, specially by the end boss

The boss of episode 4 is in fact what made me come to this conclusion that the ruins of episode 4 were in fact a deactivated tower or possible a lab connected to the tower, something like Underground Uru, you see, from all the enemy’s in PD Zwei, the boss of episode 4 kind of reminds me of the dragons of PD world.

I dare to say that the episode 4 boss was quiet similar to the Guardian Dragoon that we face at the end of the game.

So, my theory is, the ruins of episode 4 must be the tower of the forest and the boss might be its guardian dragon. Actually, it reminds me so much the Guardian dragon at the end that i dare to say that it might be a failed prototype of it.

What do you think?

The Golia Tracker is seen at the first episode as well, perhaps it’s following the shellcoof too. It seems possible though. The ep4 boss theme is “water dragon” after all.

Perhaps it was deployed by shelcoof into to Lundis village to make sure that everybody was dead ( remember that on its diary Lundi wrote that the creature was feasting itself with the dead bodies ) and possibly it was deployed by the tower of the forest to fight with Lundi.

Remember that we also fight those odd looking ships in the forest, the ones the Golias ride and those are usually deployed by towers as well (seen in several cutscenes ).

So, what were the ruins of episode 4? They must be important, otherwise they wouldn?t have a dragon-like highly powerful guardian defending them.

This theory does make a lot of sense. It could be a similar sort of ruin to what we see in Orta.

However, I really do hate the tower distribution map. It just bugs me that there are so many towers congregated in such a small area of the world. Either these are all the towers, or there are a complete fucking ASS load of them on the planet. To me it always seemed like there were only a few towers, thus how hard it was to find them. I mean, finding the towers in both PD1 and Saga was such a big deal, but surely mankind would’ve found more if they were distributed so densely?

If you look, Lundi would’ve also passed by one on his entrance to the forest, near the mountains, and again the tower of Uru near the end of his trip. Also Kyle would pass by one on the lake at the beginning of PD1, and the tower at the end of that game isn’t even marked!

I have to call BS on this map’s legitimacy :confused:

It’s a fair observation, and it is actually consistent enough with what we know of the other Towers. The original Tower was very close to the Imperial capitol, but they didn’t technically “find” it for a few generations (iirc). And I still believe the other Towers in the world could take many different forms, the classification is more to do with the facility’s function/connection-to-Sestren and power class, than with any construction standard.

Exactly, Shelcoof is not exactly a “tower” in the literal sense of the word, and those ruins always bugged my mind, like i said, they are heavily protected with lots of guardians inside of it ( like those three monsters when we are going up on the elevator ) and obviously the final guardian which had a full pack of lasers, mines, etc.

Oh, another thing, remember my theory that the final boss of episode 4 might be a prototype of the guardian dragoon of shelcoof or even a kind of brother?

Well, today i played Episode 4 again in my European Saturn, this time in the battle with the guardian, instead of blasting it away, i waited to see all of his attacks, and it turns out that one of his attacks is a TAIL UPPERCUT much like the one of the Guardian dragon at the end, which makes me think that they might be indeed related.

Bottomline, those ruins MUST be important, the large amount of pure type creatures and guardians inside of it show that, now the mystery is to know if the were in fact the Forest Tower or a facility supporting the tower.

Solo wing, what does your Japanese guide say about the ruins of episode 4? And by the way, whats the name of the guardian?

I have Solo’s Panzer guides at the moment. I’ve no idea what it says though, it’s in Japanese :confused: There is a page in it on the rand-doula, but unless we can find a willing translator we’re SOL.


I have Solo’s Panzer guides at the moment. I’ve no idea what it says though, it’s in Japanese :confused: There is a page in it on the rand-doula, but unless we can find a willing translator we’re SOL.[/quote]

Rand-Doula, is that its name? I wander whats the history behind it, according to Saga Golias were created to hunt and battle, maybe the anwser to my “Prototype Guardian” theory is in there, commom guys, lets try to find some Japanese guy somewhere, anywhere…

Shadow, can you post here the scans related to episode 4 and to the beast protecting the ruins?