Zoah in New Sonic RPG

Looks like there’s a poll at SEGA Europe’s Sonic site for the name of an alien race.

Sega Nerds


It will be a nice reference for Sega fans, if The Zoah does indeed make it into the game. And it’s a good name for an alien race if you ask me.

I think this news is noteworthy enough to make the front page.

This is gold! The secret back-story could be that after the citizens of Zoah were blown up by the evil Emperor, their souls rose from the explosion into the sky, where he had them caught and brainwashed before dumping them onto a planet inhabited by the new race. The souls became stuck to the alien’s bodies and have caused all of their emotional, mental and societal problems to date.

Then again . . . no one would believe that.


Yay! :anjou_happy:


Vaiman would be be proud… :anjou_sad:

Just saw on Wikipedia that it has been confirmed that they’ll be called Zoah. Very happy about this. Any recognition PD can get is good.