YuJi Naka interview very revealing

Edge posted an interview they did with the almighty leader of the Sonic Team!!! It reveals the direction of PSU, His feelings on the merger of Sammy and a tidbit on sega’s consoles oh yeah he talks about Sonic as well.

[quote]The things about online that we… suffered [laughs], the hacking, bad users, illegal users - in the end we really spent more time just trying to keep those things out than actually developing the game, and that’s why I’m sick of online. But if hardware manufacturers can figure out a system that keeps all of that out for us, I’d love to make more. If that’s not possible, it’s hard to be enthusiastic about online gaming.

Mimics my thoughts on online gaming exactly.

I wonder if this implies, that PSU will be offline? The last paragraph sheds little light, only that it will be released in 05.

I don’t really see this as revealling at all. Damn politicians.


There’s another interview done by Nintendo Official Magazine, where Naka flat out says, and I quote:

“If I make another NiGHTS game, I can’t afford to mess it up. It makes me nervous.”


Here’s a few tidbits from the mag on what he said.

Well. On relation to NIGHTS he didn’t give a flat out no sequel like he usually does which either means it’s being talked about or in the planning stages.

Not too big on the newer PSO game being planned though. It’s good for what it is but not the game I wanna see now concerning PHANTASY STAR.

SONIC VS MARIO has become the new myth that won’t die now because Yuji Naka keeps fuelling the rumour himself.

imagines arguing with arcie about how Yugi Naka is great