Yu Suzuki Speaks

The Ys Net website is now online, mostly offering some information about Yu Suzuki and a few words from the man himself. Check it out at andriasang. He basically says he doesn’t enjoy playing video games so much, but he loves creating them, and even more so loves seeing people enjoy them, which is why he won’t stop. Oh, and that Shenmue City web game some were quick to dismiss is actually being created by (t)his studio. So even if it’s not something big, as it’s not likely to be, it shows Suzuki still has an interest in the franchise, and perhaps wishes to create an audience for it with such projects to ultimately finish the story, even if it’s not in the same form as the first two games.

Oh God. He’s back!

Shenmue City Sees Full Unveiling Next Week
Yu Suzuki and Segata Sanshiro to take the stage at press conference.

1up also has a new interview with him, in 2 parts.

Part 1: 1up.com/do/feature?cId=3182648

Part 2: 1up.com/do/feature?cId=3182650

*I think I’m one of the first developers who did a full-fledged music game: Namie Amuro’s Digital Dance Mix for Sega Saturn. That was the first music game that was in 3D and you played by pushing buttons in rhythm to the music because I thought that dance games would become popular. But that was copied by Konami. *

I think I remember that title - you could add effects to a music video rendered in realtime and it also included other gimmicks. The models were extremely high quality for the platform, but I would never compare it to a real game like Pop’n’Music or DDR. Maybe I just didn’t find the game mode he is talking about. :wink:

Hope someone reports on how well the mobage stuff are doing, I want him to get a chance to work on Shenmue proper…

I love his influence on the video game industry, but I am disgusted by his VA decisions. The English acting was crap because of him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone needs to ask him about this. I didn’t know that thing existed until this video…

Once I start playing Shenmue 2, finding this will be my #1 goal

Yu Suzuki just said (@ GDC) in regards to whether or not he’ll make Shenmue III: “I think Sega will let me make it, but there are budget problems.”

How Shenmue Was Meant to End with Yu Suzuki



Another good interview. He mentions that he’s actually been working in both SEGA and Ys Net since 2008, but will soon be leaving SEGA and only keeping an advisory role for them.

Sad to see the way the current SEGA have treated and wasted Yu over the past few years and its not like SEGA brought in new talent or used the young talent it has to replace the likes of Naka or Suzuki san