Yu Suzuki is looking into Kickstarter for Shenmue 3

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Crowdfunding is likely the only way Shenmue 3 will ever happen.

Hopefully he’ll go ahead with it, although a smaller budget than the original games will be absolutely necessary.

Shenmue 3 should be much cheaper to make these days so I wish him luck.

It wouldn’t be cheap to make . You’re still looking at a massive team and some 2 to 3 years of developer and a Budget of around $30 to 40 million at the very least .

Anything else and people would just bitch SEGA sold out and done Shenmue 3 on the cheap Ect,Ect

I said cheaper.

It depends if people want GTA quality graphics or upgraded DC graphics. DC graphics are primitive compared to today’s standards but Shenmue had some nice art that doesn’t age fast.

Games like Silent Hill 3-4 still look good even today because graphics reached a point where they don’t matter anymore.

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I even see a HD rerelease of FFX.

Do we honestly expect to see a triple A quality Shenmue 3?

It depends on what people want to see. Personally I’d be happy with a fun game of the same scope as Shenmue 1 and 2. Not the scope they seemed to have when they were brand new experiences but the relatively small and linear adventures they essentially were, however many little details they incorporated. Now if people want to see some massive next generation evolution of what a sandbox action epic can be instead, yeah, that is not happening on the cheap, but it would hardly be Shenmue as far as I’m concerned, otherwise I’d have been content with GTA, RDR, Sleeping Dogs, AC, or whatever else last gen brought. With having more experienced artists and new tools and game engines they could probably make something far superior and up to modern standards for less than the original cost which nowadays isn’t even on the high end on the budget ranges to begin with.

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]I said cheaper.

It depends if people want GTA quality graphics or upgraded DC graphics. DC graphics are primitive compared to today’s standards but Shenmue had some nice art that doesn’t age fast.

Forget about GTA (the 2 games aren’t the same and Shenmue isn’t a real open world game) . Look need to look at the sorts of money and size of the teams needed to make the likes of Yakuza or Assassin’s Creed games and you’re still talking staff in their hundreds and a budget of at least ?30 million per game .Also Shenmue was a work of love and really unless SEGA does it to the best of their standards , then people like you, me and the rest will have enough to say about SEGA is rubbish , its killed another IP and so on ; Look at NiGHTS on the Wii a game that played just the same , looked better but everyone bitched , because it wasn’t made with out the love, care budget that NiGHTS on the Saturn was

So either leave Shenmue III and IV (it take 2 games to finish the story ) well alone or if you are going to make them then give team the manpower and budgets to do the series justice

Even if it could be made cheaper now, it would still need to be the most successful video game Kickstarter ever. And then we’re still talking about just making a new game in the same lines as the original. We’re not talking about a sequel that sets a new standard like the original did. Shenmue 3 is almost impossible to create. The games might have been innovative back in the day, but a lot has changed. There might be a good chance that we’re going to see Shenmue 1 & 2 HD though, those are more realistic. Multiple sources have stated that HD versions were in the works, along with Skies of Arcadia HD, but were canceled after sales for other Sega HD remakes didn’t meet expectations. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sony salvage those games, much like Nintendo salvaged Bayonetta 2.

Finishing the story in a comic is probably the most viable way to make Shenmue 3 a reality.

If fans and people demand an all or nothing approach to this then they will probably see nothing.

Of course, we can’t see the future. I think that Sega could make Shenmue 3 but they would have to drastically change the gameplay to make it more like GTA and Yakuza then restart the story and make it much shorter.

SEGA could still make a great Shenmue III no doubt . But it take a lot of money and a big team . The Yakuza team along with AM#2 could do a great job , but they’ll need the backing from the top brass and I just don’t see it happing :frowning:

I wish they would just make a really focused anime series. One that encompasses the first 2 games (reintroducing the series)and goes on to end the series from there. I think this would be a very viable approach.

Most of the “recent” anime I’ve come across seems to be lacking that certain soul you find in well thought out story telling. Getting attached to the characters, relating in some way and feeling that sense of grand adventure.

An example of this would be comparing the series Soul Eater to the new series, Soul Eater Not. It feels as if it’s lost its identity.

Well, besides Space Dandy that is; everything else I’ve browsed has just been the usual dull cliched perverted boob exposure, girly high school adventure or overly violent blood fests with no purpose but to be violent.

A Shenmue anime series could be a breath of fresh air. :anjou_sigh:

Yu Suzuki gamelab presentation has a certain slide…

It looks like it was a joke.

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