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Some interesting things about Shenmue to be read I suppose. Click!

[quote]Kikizo: In the event Shenmue was never finished, would the possibility exist for the story to be finished trough other media, like DVD or books?

YS: No, the story will be finished through games. The MMO will be a game that will have a long lifespan through upgrades and updates. This will allow gradual continuation to the story. It follows up directly to the story of Shenmue 2 at first, but maybe we’ll move on even further as time passes.[/quote]

Fingers crossed.

Right now I’m more interested in seeing what comes out of Shenmue Online than getting Shenmue 3…


I thought Shenmue Online was cancelled o.o;;

That kinda saddens me, i would rather have a book or a DVD than shenmue being continued in Shenmue Online

I want the story, not paying for the online gameplay

I think Shenmue needs to be reinvented. I know what will fix the problem! Let’s give Ryo some firepower! You can’t go wrong with twin Uzis. >:)

In all seriousness, however, giving Ryo a personality won’t make matters much worse. I think he’s distantly related to Henry Townsend from Silent Hill 4.