YS patents game engine in Novemeber of 2007

freshpatents.com/Image-gener … escription

Image generating device and image generating method.

shenmue.planets.gamespy.com/foru … hp?t=37396

The original descriptor for this patent was filed in 1999, this is a new modified revision and makes a mention of how efficiently the engine could use DS carts.

It is interesting that Yu Suzuki appears to be working on an engine outside of SEGA, it sounds like it would lend itself to Tactical RPGs and dungeon crawlers particularily well.

Even though the majority of it talks about randomly generating environments, there is no reason that the engine couldn’t be used to load a pre-created environent to have areas that are always “fixed”.

When I first saw this thread I thought it would be about the “Ys” series of games. :anjou_embarassed:

I was always slightly angered that a frachise would use God’s name in vain like that.

God’s name? Isn’t it the name of a mythical city?


Maybe it will sink in if you look at it long enough.