YouTube channel

We now have a YouTube channel, that will act as an alternative to the videos section (the videos section will continue to exist of course).

Any suggestions or contributions are welcome.

Convert those Google Video clips you linked me in the other thread if possible, I can’t get them to work right…

Yeah, I much prefer YouTube to Google Video. I’ll see what I can do.

nice :anjou_love:



Good work, Solo.

I just watched Rune Lai’s “For Edge and Azel” music video, the music complements the footage very well, really brings back memories :anjou_sad:

Come on Sega where’s the next PD game!!

PS. Where has Rune Lai disappeared to these days? Pete too, anyone remember him? His PD mini stories were bloody hilarious.

Cool, nice job Solo!

Yeah, that’s one of my favourites, so I decided to set it as the featured video.

No idea, haven’t seen either of them for a while.

Yeah Name is a pretty good song.

Shame about the rest of their albums…

I actually like “Run” for Edge and Azel. I’m listening to it while I work on my current wallpaper project.

GoogleVideo is pretty much the same thing but with a crappier comment system, better trend tracking, and the ability to post videos of any length (not just 10:59 or less).

YouTube is a horrible medium for lengthy videos and I’ve never understood why people prefer to watch videos broken up into multiple small clips rather than in one continuous video.

If Google Video isn’t working for you, your install of Flash is most likely messed up. Fixing that would probably be a better course of action than subjecting everyone to chopped up clips.

edit - and for the love of god, if anyone wants to waste their time cutting the videos up for YouTube, don’t just download / rip the videos from GoogleVideo. Download the original files from Fileshack first and use those as the source videos.

Don’t be yet another individual polluting the internet with a video that’s been reencoded multiple times.

What’s with the personal attack? How does putting the videos on YouTube deprive you or anybody else of the choice to watch them on Google for me to be subjecting anyone into anything? My install of flash is just fine I assure you, since the only thing giving me problems is, guess what, Google videos. Perhaps they would work better if I used IE, but, guess what, I don’t want to use that.

Perhaps they work fine for you, but, guess what, in this world, any computer software tends to work different;y for different people, not because they don’t have the technical know how to keep things running smoothly but because there are so many different configurations that too many things can go wrong.

Heck, just these days I couldn’t get Warhammer Online to work properly and while elitist fuckers like you said it was my fault, the game was actually not supporting custom regional settings so I had to pick one of the default choices. Problems come up from where you least expect them often.

Anyway, going too far off topic. In short, I didn’t order anyone to have my own preferences, likes and dislikes like you do. As for your advice to Solo or whoever else may try to put these videos on YouTube, you could have worded that better. You certainly have no problem “polluting” the internet with your own bullshit elitist attitude.

The issue I had with Google Video was selecting different parts of the video while the video was still downloading. This was on a slow connection where it could take over an hour to download a single video. Jumping to different parts of the video would lock it up. YouTube seems to handle this reasonably well.

Saying that, I recently tried Google Video on a faster connection and it worked great.

It’s a shame Stage 6 is no longer online, that service allowed users to upload lengthy high definition video in a DivX format and download them directly off the website.

Guess what? That wasn’t a personal attack. Your inability to comprehend constructive criticism sure led you to make a few personal attacks though. Cute!

It’s telling that you think that the only solution to making Google Video work better is via using Internet Explorer. It’s a shame that you feel it’s more important that everyone suffers rather than figuring out your own issues with the service.

Thanks for being such an asset to the internet!

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]
It’s a shame Stage 6 is no longer online, that service allowed users to upload lengthy high definition video in a DivX format and download them directly off the website.[/quote]

If you make your account a “Producer” account you can up long videos onto youtube…

Although they delete your account if you break teh copyright lawlz, where as on a normal account they just delete the video. (Ok, so that’s what they say, but they never actually do either).

You still fail to realise that if those videos are uploaded on YouTube, they don’t at the same time get deleted from your beloved Google. Therefor I’m not subjecting anyone into anything as you basically did attack me (and keep doing so) over, while trying to force your preferences down others’ throats, as if copies of the videos on websites you apparently never even visit affect you, or anybody else in the least. Cute.

It’s telling that you can’t even read properly. When exactly did I say that is the only solution, or even a solution at all? I merely mentioned the possibilty, as well as the possibility that it works fine for you regardless of browser. I didn’t even test it with IE but it wouldn’t be the first web service that supports that browser better now, would it?

Refer to the top of this reply, noone suffers anything and the issues are with the service rather than myself.

As for my particular problem with Google, it’s the same thing Solo mentioned and it’s rather annoying. Perhaps you can help him with that like the all knowing elitist that you seem to be. Thank you for playing.

Everything is personal when you’re the center of the universe…

Quite true, Herectic Agnostic, maybe a point I should have taken to heart before posting remarks on a certain thread.


[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]
It’s a shame Stage 6 is no longer online, that service allowed users to upload lengthy high definition video in a DivX format and download them directly off the website.[/quote][/quote]

Nice, I didn’t know about that site. It’s a shame they don’t allow gaming videos.