Your Top 10 Greatest Games

For so long now I have been working on this list. I have around 100 games, which I know isn’t as many as some people here but it’s still a lot to wade through and pick out your favourites. I’ve worked hard at this and I’m satisfied that the final results are accurate. So without further ado, here are my ten greatest games of all time:

10. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Bioware, 2003 (Xbox)
I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the rerelease of the original trilogy back in '97. This game does a better job than even the prequel films in bringing to life the vivid Star Wars galaxy. Life in KOTOR is exactly as you’d imagine it’d really be on Taris, or Kashyyk etc. The enigmatic theme tune and sounds are used beautifully to capture the atmosphere and this, as well as the best twist EVAR, make this a solid number 10.

9. Saints Row - Volition, 2006 (Xbox 360)
The task is simple. You’ve been canonised, and it’s time to take back the city for the Saints. This is not just a GTA clone, this game goes above and beyond GTA4 (not played the others) with a stronger set of supporting characters, a better sense of humour and reams of better gameplay. Contrary to the almost slapstick overtones, the plot goes deeper, and the ending is nothing short of superb.

8. Tomb Raider - Core Design, 1996 (Saturn)
The original Tomb Raider managed to capture a sense of realism and isolation that no game in the series has equalled since. This is down to the cavernous open spaces, complicated level design and the lack of sound. The Lost Valley is a brilliant example of what makes this game so great; It’s all dark and desperate and once the T-Rex shows up, rather hopeless. Try completing this level without killing the beast - it’s good fun.

7. Shenmue - AM2, 2000 (Dreamcast)
With Shenmue, you take a step in to someone elses life. Okay, so it’s not a particularly normal life, but it was fleshed out amazingly well for it’s day, and still stands up to current games. The area of Japan we get to see is just like a real, living town. People go about their daily business, you can play games etc. The plot starts off slowly but the intrigue that follows later is what really drives my interest in this game.

6. Halo: Combat Evolved - Bungie Studios, 2002 (Xbox)
What is there to say about Halo that hasn’t already been said about Halo? Like Tomb Raider, the atmospherics play a huge part in making this game what it is. The abandoned alien structures reek of history that may lay just beneath the surface, and toward the end of the game you are all alone as a one man army. It falters in the later games, but the plot is top notch in the original, introducing the deeper universe.

5. Halo 2 - Bungie Studios, 2004 (Xbox)
This is all about the multiplayer. Though Halo CE has a better single player (not to say H2’s is too far behind…), what makes Halo 2 so special to me is the multiplayer aspect. I still play this game, and have accumulated almost 7500 games. I’ve met and lost friends on here, I’ve had good times and bad. This is my World of Warcraft. My experiences go deeper than this, but, it’s not higher up the list because there are just better games story wise.

4. Shining Force III, Scenario I - Camelot Software, 1998 (Saturn)
I’ve read the scripts for the second two scenarios, so I know that this would probably be number 1 on my list had they been released on these shores. As it is though, the brightest lights of scenario 1 are the plot and the gameplay. This game has one of the most complex plots I’ve experienced, with so many characters and twists. The battle system works brilliantly, allowing you to be as tactical as you like.

3. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Bethesda Softworks, 2002 (Xbox)
The most epic game on this list, Morrowind spans a whole island of interesting and varied terrain and characters. Who can forget Vivec, Crassius Curio or Divayth Fyr? The moral ambiguity during the main quest line is one of the things that makes this game so great. As is uniting the entire island behind you; travelling from one place to another mostly by foot. And the number of sidequest is overwhelming.

2. Shenmue II - AM2, 2001 (Dreamcast)
Shenmue II really kicks the series in to a higher a gear. From the offset there’s hardly any time to catch your breath. The story is thick full of quests and a lot longer than the original. A whole new set of characters, locations and challenges, including hunting relentless for Zhu Yuanda, running around high rise apartment blocks, and finally talking a stroll through the Chinese countryside. This game has everything.

1. Panzer Dragoon Saga - Team Andromeda, 1998 (Saturn)
After reading the rest of thisl ist, you knew this was coming. PDS just has something no other game I’ve played has. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I played it again recently and I haven’t been so hooked and enticed by a game for maybe two years. It is just the perfect video game (aside from it’s length). Everything fits and works together perfectly, leaving you with an overall experience of satisfaction. We all know the pluses of this game. The characters are so well done; they have strong presences and each one is full of importance and even mystery. The environments are lushly populated with debris, monsters, etc. And the storyline is easily way up there with any thousand page novel or three hour film. This game is the sum of it’s lovingly crafted parts, and no effort has been spared to polish everything up to the highest standard.

I’m not particularly surprised by the number 1. But reducing my haul of games by 90% was a pretty hard thing to do, so I think there has to be some honourable mentions listed:

  • Sonic 2
  • Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  • Mass Effect
  • Halo 3
  • Sega Rally
  • Gears of War
  • Ghost Recon
  • Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

So, that’s it from me. Now it’s time for you kids to post your top 10’s.

Game Boy & Color:
Super Mario Land
Wario Land
Mortal Kombat II
Mystic Quest
Metal Gear Solid
Perfect Dark
Zelda DX

Sega Saturn:
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Nights Into Dreams
Sega Rally
Dragon Force
Virtual On
Shining Force 3
Virtua Fighter 2
Tomb Raider

Warhammer: Dark Omen
Echo Nights
Metal Gear Solid
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Silent Hill
Vagrant Story
Final Fantasy Tactics

Quake 3
Virtua Tennis
Soul Calibur
Skies of Arcadia
Grandia 2
Phantasy Star Online
Resident Evil: Code Veronica
Jet Set Radio

Metroid Prime 3
No More Heroes
Lost Winds
Super Mario Galaxy
Bomberman Blast
De Blob
Resident Evil 4
Battalion Wars 2
Mega Man 9
Wii Sports

Half-Life (+ Natural Selection, Counter-Strike, etc)
Mount & Blade
Cave Story
Battlefield 1942 (+ Desert Combat)
Deus Ex
World of Warcraft
Unreal Tournament 2004 (+ Metaball, UT2004RPG, etc)
Call of Duty 4

These are not in order of preference, they’re just my memorable games I currently remember. I divided them by platform but only for platforms I owned and for platforms I actually remember (I don’t remember any Game Gear games except Sonic 2) but there are too many games to only pick 10.

Honorable mentions would be stuff like Gun Griffon, Guardian Heroes, Shenmue II, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Metal Slug, Garou: Mark of the Wolf, Bushido Blade, Final Fantasy VII, Half-Life 2 (+Team Fortress 2, Portal, etc), The Witcher, Trackmania United Forever, Dracula, Diablo, Civilization II, Galactic Civilizations II (+expansions), Wipeout 3, Allegiance, Hitman, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Pirates!, SWAT 4, Ghost Recon (the original), etc.

There are probably games I love but at the time of writing forget thanks to years of not playing or thinking of them or just not being in the mood for them at the moment as I am for others. I’d probably make a different list yesterday and a different list tommorow.

Edit: Ops, I forgot I own a PSP, but I don’t even have 10 games for it to make a top 10. I really should get one good title for it soon to get some more use out of it.

Despite an decline in game related acivities in the last five years, I have played too many games and so I’m just going to randomly list 10 games that make me smile when I think of them, here goes…

Dreamweb (Amiga)
Pazer Dragoon Series (Saturn)
Final Fantasy III (Snes)
Portal (PS3, also aviliable for XBox 360 and t3h peesee)
Aquaria (preached by legaiaflame on the forum, thank you!)
Chrono Trigger (Snes)
Pixeljunk Monsters (PS3)
Silent Hill 2 (PS2)
Captive II: Liberation (Amiga)
Nights (Saturn, or is that spelt NiGHTS?)

Done, although it is worthwhile to mention I missed out Castlevania Dracula X, Grandia, The Sims, Shining the Holy Ark… etc…

All due to only 10 slots, you see…


my top 10 games are

Pokemon Red

Pokemon Blue

Pokemon Green

Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Silver

Pokemon Gold

Pokemon Crystal

Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Saphire

and 6 Inch My Darling for Saturn.

I usually always think of a top 5 ever games… it usually stays consistent too…

top 10? hmmmm

  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga (SAT) - of course =) It’s magical.
  2. Sonic R (SAT) - Love this game to bits, and the music introduced me to Richard Jacques.
  3. NiGHTS into dreams (SAT) - Amazing game, however tainted now by it’s (imo) very poor sequel.
  4. Graal (PC) - Free (at the time) MMORPG. Excellent game. But died out when it became p2p.
  5. Sonic Adventure (DC) - Blew me away. Start of a new era.
  6. Croc: Legend of the Gobbo’s (SAT) - The times where you could pick up games like these and get lost in them seem to have gone… the magic isn’t there. (or maybe i’m just old now, not sure)
  7. Metropolis Street Racer (DC) - Love the game. And the music (Richard Jacques + TJ Davis again)
  8. Sega Rally Championship (SAT) - Desert Free Run, Fastest Lap.
  9. Sonic Adventure 2 (DC) - I enjoyed this game, and spend a lot of time on it for my Chao website. So deserves to be up here.
  10. Soul Calibur (DC) - Fluid 3D fighter. Great to play with someone as good as you are for a skilled challenge.

Hounourable mention to World League Soccer '98 on Sega Saturn which i spent endless hours on :anjou_love:

[size=75]edited MSR >_>[/size]

By the way, Metropolis Street Racer was DC, not Saturn :wink:

Oh dear so hard but for me…

  1. Panzer Dragoon (Saturn) - Yes I’m on about the 1st game here , still no game as come so close to capturing the feeling of a person and his loyal pet battling against the world , and no game as ever capture or bettered the art and intro and the belief that this was taking place in a believable fictional world . Oh and the music rocks too, No one makes a better 3D shooter than SEGA.

  2. OutRun (Saturn/Arcade)- God it’s still as good to play today as it was when it 1st game out . Nobody makes a better racer than Suzuki and SEGA

  3. Lunar (Mega CD) - No RPG ever come close to this epic , the best set of characters and story to ever grace a RPG. No body makes a better RPG than GameArts

  4. Exhumed/PowerSlave (Saturn) -Not only is the best FPS I’ve ever played , it also features (alone with Mario IV) the best level design I’ve ever seen . Its noting short of perfection

  5. Soukyugurentai (Saturn) -Like OutRun I don’t think this game will ever age , just the most perfect balance of gameplay and action . Also the music is stunning and seems to reflect what is happing onscreen perfectly. Nobody makes a better shooter than RAIZING :slight_smile:

  6. Daytona USA (Saturn/Arcade) - Just one of the best games I’ve ever had the pleasure to play , above all else the game was fun . Add in a crazy kick ass soundtrack that all SEGA could come up with and getaway with , and you have a game that will , never ever fail to put a smile on your face . I miss this from the SEGA of today .

  7. Mario IV (Snes) A game so good I even faked illness to I could have the day off , to play the game . Sheer platform perfection , this likes of which we’ll never see again

  8. REZ - Its a bit strange to see this at my number 8 , as I used to class it as the 2nd best game SEGA ever made. Its started to age a bit , but its still unmatched for ART and style - Again I miss this from SEGA of today.

9). JSRF - SEGA and Smielbit at their very best . The game worth owning a X-Box . So cool , so good and so SEGA. Shame none of us can say that about this SEGA of today .

  1. Sonic Adv - I don’t get the hate , Its brilliant and the real Sonic game and reflect everything what Sonic is about to me . The amount of money and work that SEGA must have but into the soundtrack alone beggars belief, never mind the amount of work into the mini games, stages ect .
    Better than any 3D mario or any other 3D platform game for me

Oh man I guess I’ll make a list!

Note: Some of these games serve as an extreme nastalgia factor for me.


Chrono Cross


The Witcher


Playstation 2

Shadow of the Colossus

Final Fantasy 10


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Sega Saturn

Panzer Dragoon Saga


Skies of Arcadia


Chrono Trigger

If I had to pick a top 10 These would be it although I did not put them in any particular order as I love some of these games equally enough to not be able to. HA! :anjou_happy:

Honorable mentions:

Majora’s Mask

Sonic CD

Shenmue 2


PD and Zwei

Guardian Heroes

Nights into Dreams

Legend of Legaia


Y’s games

Brave fencer Musashi

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Rouge Galaxy

Lost Odyssey

Elemental Gearbolt

Grandstream Saga

Final Fantasy 6

Smash Bros Brawl




Odin Shpere

Knytt Stories

Few :anjou_sigh:

OH and…

Secret of Mana 1 2 and 3

Illusion of Gaia


Secret of Evermore

Treasure Hunter G

Super Mario RPG

Treasure of the Rudra

Brain Lord

Bahamut Lagoon

:anjou_sigh: Okay…I’m done.

whoops >_>

where your top 10 then eh?

I think there are far too many games to love to stop at 10, but here goes.

  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga. No other game comes close to matching its beauty.

  2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

  3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

  4. Nights Into Dreams. Hands down the most fun I’ve ever had in a game.

  5. Ico. One of the most magical fantasy adventures ever.

  6. Planescape: Torment. One of the best RPGs ever.

  7. Beyond Good and Evil. Not enough praise can be said about this game.

  8. Okami. One of the most awesome Zelda clones ever.

  9. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Star Wars is awesome again.

  10. X-Wing. One of the deepest space combat sims of all time.

A top 10 list would inevitably feature all 4 PD games. My love for that world is bigger than gaming. The same logic applies to other game series. Give me a frantic gameplay innovation and I’ll drool. Give me a compelling alternate reality and I’ll be in heaven. So, my list :

Panzer Dragoon - No point in trying to explain this. Just bare in mind the following : I shed tears of joy today as I heard PD1’s opening theme and thought about the meaning of life, while looking at the starry sky, after a long hiatus of all things PD. It’s part of my subconscious. Nothing can beat that. (go ahead and laugh, it wasn’t frantic crying anyway, just a bit of eye moisture :anjou_sigh:)

Riven and the rest of the Myst series - the attention to detail is astounding and the believability of the scenarios and world are hard to match. Also, a lesson in ambience.

Legacy of Kain - the characters and plot are some of the best I’ve ever seen. A world soaked in symbolism and metaphors and the best voice acting in any game series ever.

Rez - as with all my favourite games, great importance is placed on music. Rez takes it into a whole 'nother level and is proof that simplicity can be coolness.

ICO & Shadow of the Colossus - my hope for the future. As most of my favourite series die, this one still promises me more of that “je ne sais quois” that permeates every real work of art.

Tomb Raider 1 - nothing like exploring ancient eerie ruins by yourself. Emphasis on “exploring”, “ancient”, “eerie”, “ruins” and “by yourself”. The sequels slowly but surely failed to understand what it was all about. At least for me, anyway.

Virtua Fighter series - I always played these by myself and I never got tired of mastering the game and it’s nuances. The best fighting game series, 3D or otherwise.

Halo 1 - best FPS ever made. It introduced a convincing and interesting scifi world, and that is a big part of why it’s great. The rest are the little tweaks and additions it made to the FPS standard formula.

NIGHTS Into Dreams - the best “mascot” in videogaming and a really interesting gaming concept. The first time “kiddy” didn’t feel cheesy to me.

KOTOR - chatting with NPCs has never been more fun. Star Wars has never been more fun. And western RPGs have never been more fun either. (Planescape Torment might be up there, but I never ended up finishing the game)

It’s always hard coming up with a list like this. The following games aren’t neccessarily the greatest games ever made, but they are some of the games that have given me the most enjoyment.

10) Shining Force III Scenario 1 (Saturn) - If only Sega had released scenarios 2 and 3 in English, this would be much higher on my list. Innovative storytelling, great music, and most importantly fun, tactical gameplay.

9) The MisAdventures of Flink (Megadrive) ? A platformer for the Megadrive. You play as an apprentice wizard, who collects ingredients for his cauldron and learns spells as you progess. Great art style and interesting concept.

8) Sim City 2000 (Mac) ? I spent hours playing this in an attempt to build the perfect city. Sim City breaks the trend of games focusing on defeating opponents and rewards the player for creativity. If you feel like playing the game through to ?completion? you can do so by attempting to build enough Arcos so that they will launch into space.

7) Tetris (Multiplatform - played it most on my handheld “Brick Game”) ? Simple concept, but highly addictive block based puzzle game.

6) Rocket Knight Adventures (Megadrive) ? This game is often forgotten in favour of platformers like Sonic, but Rocket Knight Adventures is up there with the best of the Megadrive?s library. Equipped only with a sword that shoots waves at your enemies and a rocket pack, you travel through 7 levels facing an army of pigs. Great twist at the end of the game.

5) Halo 2 (Xbox) ? Although Halo 2 doesn?t have the best campaign mode in the series, the hours of multiplayer split screen and on Xbox Live easily make up for this. Halo is an extremely accessible FPS series thanks to its focus on simplicity (only 2 weapons) and great control scheme. The fact that I was able to get a number of non gamers hooked on Halo 2 confirms this. The music focused storytelling also makes the campaign mode definitely worth playing.

4) Shining Force II (Megadrive) - A huge, epic quest, where you can explore a continent, gathering new recruits as you go. Apart from the exploration elements of Shining Force II (which isn?t split into linear chapters like other game series) there isn?t much that makes this game better than the others in the series, but it is the game that I personally enjoyed the most, hence why it is fourth on this list.

3) Dark Saviour (Saturn) ? A spiritual successor to Landstalker which focused on platforming, puzzles, and storytelling. The innovative parallel storytelling, to the best of my knowledge, is a one of a kind; depending on how fast you get to the captains cabin at the start of the game will determine how the rest of the game will play out. One day I?ll play through the sixth parallel that was excluded from the PAL and US versions.

2) Sonic 3 and Knuckles (Megadrive) ? Okay, this is cheating a little as Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles are actually two separate games, but with the innovative lock on system combine to make the greatest Sonic game of all time. If I had to pick one or the other, Sonic and Knuckles would get my vote as it is all about speed (no water sections!) and brings the Megadrive Sonic series to an epic conclusion.

1) Panzer Dragoon Saga (Saturn) - Greatest game ever made.

OOOooh man forgot to mention Beyond Good and Evil! Also one of my favs, can’t wait for the sequel wooooooooooooo!

My top five has barely changed in a long time, and I may be too set in my ways but oh well…

  1. Boulder Dash - Inclusive of both the original (and specifically Atari 8-bit) Peter Liepa games. I’d played various videogames before, but this was the first game engaging enough on more than a purely hand/eye level for me to become obsessed with. There has still never been a more perfect balance of action and puzzle elements, ever. In it’s own way and for it’s time an exceptional audiovisual treat as well, with inspired kinetics.

  2. Virtua Fighter 2 (Arcade) - Within the skill parameters of my area (having never arrived at the abusive combo potential of certain characters) the second installment represented the most definitive combination of character individuality and play balance that I have ever seen. And even with the (arguably) singular dominant character, Akira, that dominance itself demanded exceptional skill to even hint at results. Which is how it should be. To say nothing of all the subliminal attraction in it’s execution. It’s simply my own definitive competitive videogame experience.

  3. Panzer Dragoon - As a series it eclipses all else, though Azel is the game that defines this placement in my own esteem. PDS was yet another personal paradigm shift, since I had very little affinity for RPG’s per se, until then. I wont bother with any further explanation. :anjou_love:

  4. R-Type - Similar to Boulder Dash for me, in that this game represents a clear archetype and paradigm evolution for superior game design. From visual, aural, kinetic and mechanics/level construction psychology, all have a refinement unprecedented for it’s time. Viciously challenging too! And again parallel to Boulder Dash, I first found out that I could be a somewhat hard-core “shooter” fan purely because of this game.

  5. Stunt Car Racer - This game more than any other defined the truth that suspension of disbelief is not created by “realism” as such. Geoff Crammond had a reputation already that I was wholly unaware of, but this game alone made me a convert. Again it’s all in the kinetics… the perfect audio (playing on the Amiga) helped a lot too. Though it takes some fantastic scenario for me to really get into a driving game anyway. Kinda simple, short and sweet, and basically just literally flawless.

  6. Tomb Raider (Saturn) - It’s tough to really justify why this game sits this high, as with many of them it’s as much the context of when I was playing and who the experience was shared with. It was the first and main videogame bonding experience with one of the best friends I’ve ever made, and taking turns - sometimes separately and catching up with each others’ progress every couple afternoons had it’s own unique fun - playing over the course of a month or so, without the kind of single mindedness I more often had about games, the experience has definite nostalgia. Still a defining achievement, probably matched only by Mario 64 in it’s influence on the fledgling 3D action scene.

  7. Ballblazer (Atari 8-bit) - Kind of a total nostalgia entry from my formative gaming platform, and it really is a had to be there kind of thing. At a time when “3D” was mostly either a handful of monochromatic lines or some really jumpy and tedious pre-scaled garbage, this looked like some dark magic taking place onscreen. So mesmerizing, but the truly amazing thing was that it yet somehow arrived at a slice of impeccable gameplay idiocy from a collection of hardware exploitation imperatives. Almost like the Antic, GTIA and Pokey chips had all been designed specifically to make this game possible. No way I can even explain that here, but just trust me

  8. JetSetRadioFuture! - Another game that is hard to even rationalize to myself, but as it will be the embodiment of classic platforming action; ‘sandbox’ gameplay structure; the sort of pure stimulus kick that games like Rez define for many; and all around irrational fun… it really does belong somewhere on my list. I’m not sure there’s any other game made that can so automatically modify my brain chemistry from the moment it’s even loaded up. Game makes me feel happy!

  9. Star Raiders (Yes… Atari 8-bit again) - I’ve pined for a pure (and successful) update to this experience for… what amounts to my entire gamer life I guess? Probably the closest thing subjectively is the X-Wing series, which is excellent in it’s own right, and a likely contender if I’d been seriously into it at the time. By the same token the original Elite may have mostly fit the bill if my experience of it had not been interrupted. Even so, there’s something positively sublime about Star Raiders’ format, completely fulfilling as a pick-up-and-play arcade rush but with an epic illusion as well.

  10. Sky Odyssey - Sort of like the airplane parallel to Stunt Car Racer, at heart it’s one of hundreds of flight simulators out there, but it was almost exactly what I’d always wanted from the genre. Abstract fantasy fun, fanciful environments, perfectly refined and comprehensive controls, and the serious aerobatic challenges. Graphical shortcomings aside, I had nothing whatsoever to complain about when it was done… other than the fact it was done. EDIT: I just tracked down a copy of this game, had to after thinking about it, and I’d almost forgot how much the music adds to the whole atmosphere! No surprise since it’s from Kou Ohtani, who also did the SotC score.

Some honorable mentions would have to include: Another World; Halo; Lemmings; Street Fighter 2; Legend; Oids; Shadow of the Colossus; Phantasy Star Online; Gunstar/Guardian Heroes; Diablo II… games that may be just as deserving but can’t quite match the subjective purity as an experience or archetype of what made it on the list. And then of course Tetris, which I simply will not compare to any other “videogames”, it’s more like an abstract religious ritual. :anjou_happy:

Good God, I don’t think I can limit it to ten games. How about ten series?

-Panzer Dragoon (duh)

-Spyro (even though the quality has dropped sharply ever since Insomniac dropped the franchise)

-Otogi (Hell yeah!)

-Deus Ex (yes, I liked the sequel too, shut up)

Okay so that’s only four series, the rest are stand-alone titles. Yeah, I’m a liar. Everyone here probably hates me already. :anjou_sad:

-Killer7 (SO. FUCKING. WEIRD.)

-Advent Rising (Makes a full-blown action movie look comparable to Citizen Kane)

-Quake (just the first one, thank you very much)

-Unreal (Again, just the first title)

-Cyber Troopers Virtual On (Best arcade game ever)

-Golden Sun/The Lost Age (I count them as one title, like Kill Bill)