"Your purpose extends far beyond this battle."

Solo seems to have been perusing Raincloud’s Panzer Dragoon Saga playthrough videos on Youtube, and in turn I’ve also happened to notice something that took me by surprise

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= replying to Craymen’s message as he does in that video. Memories of a game I haven’t actually played in years tell me that he should be saying something along the lines of "This is our chance to rid the world of the evil of the empire."
Is there anyone around who can shed some light here?EVER

I assumed Edge was talking to his dragon, rather than replying to Craymen.


That being said, it has recently come to my attention (having rewatched PDS playthroughs myself) that the English translation of the game does seem to have taken some liberties at times. I’d really be interested in playing a more direct translation of the game to get clearer on the story as it was intended.

PS: Man I love that first time through the Tower. The music is amazing. Probably my favorite part of the whole game.

Of course he is talking to the dragon, but I’ve still never heard that line before.

Yeah, I remember that line from before.

What’s worse is that the translation is indeed totally wrong. I just asked someone to confirm whether my personal translation of the line is correct, and it appears it is. What Edge actually says is something along the lines of:

“Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not fighting this battle for you”.

And that’s directed at Craymen.

I don’t think people realize to what extent the meaning of certain lines was altered. I’m probably the only one here with that opinion but I really dislike the forced love story between Azel and Edge. That was never in the original version and for good reason: it makes no sense. It was supposed to be subtle. Azel couldn’t be talking about love since she didn’t even understand what it meant to begin with.

I hope we end up getting a fan translation at some point. If I ever do learn Japanese, I definitely intend to work on that.

I’m in favour of a more subtle relationship between Edge and Azel. The fact that Panzer Dragoon isn’t explicit about many things makes the series appealing. Compared to other games or stories, where everything is spelled out to the player/reader in the end.

That would be awesome, especially if it was made into a patch for the game. It would be a hell of a lot of work though.

Personally I don’t remember much of the dialogue but even if something was spelled out, what I remember is really more of the general feeling portrayed on-screen.

But yeah, my very limited and vague knowledge of Japanese is enough to see that a lot of stuff just doesn’t match up.

A more direct translation to english would be really awesome if you could do it.

I remember reading a couple of days ago, while heavily struck by PDS nostalgia, an old magazine scan somewhere saying the guys who did the English translation did a few alterations that made the ending sort of different. I wonder what is meant by that…

I’m not sure what they meant by that. Looking at Kimimi’s translation, the ending dialogue is very similar: thewilloftheancients.com/res … aga-ending

They probably meant the scene where Edge and Azel part ways then, and the love story angle.

Makes sense.

Okay, I just played the game over and Edge did not say this line. He said :“This is our chance to rid the world of the evil of the empire.”

Was that line only in the UK version of PDS. Seeing how I have the NSTC version?

Wait, NTSC and PAL have different translations?

Well how do you explain that line not being in the NTSC version? I just played it and am confirming right now. Unless that was the only line that WAS changed??

I’m not trying to explain. I’m just asking to see if anyone knew about this. If it’s true I 'd really like to know if the ending (anything after Edge enters Sestren) is different in terms of translation in any way.

Well in the NTSC version Azel still tells Edge she loves him. What version is the person playing in the video walkthrough?

I did some research and examined the actual files in both versions. It appears this line is indeed different.



Curious. Why would somebody go through the trouble of changing that particular line for the PAL version? Neither version is even close to what Edge actually says, and the PAL version makes even less sense than the NTSC one.

Of course, the question is now how many of those differences exist. I’d need to look into writing a program to try and extract those differences.

Hmm, strange…It would be quite interesting to see if anything else was changed. :anjou_angry:

I can add one more difference to the list, and it comes at the end of the game when the dragon’s spirit reveals the nature of the Divine Visitor. In the NTSC version it states “NAME is our savior”, while the PAL line is “NAME, you are the Divine Visitor!”

Now this is very interesting!

You?re a hero. :anjou_happy: