Your Panzer Dragoon Forum Memories

So come on guys and girls, what’re the moments in the history of these forums (and Die Welt’s before) that really stick in your mind?

  • The first PDAA’s

  • Finding out who Abadd was (although technically that was on IRC)

  • Becoming the Third Mod

Finding Die welt.

Thinking noone ever really noticed my posts and then winning the most underrated forum member award :smiley:

I remember a time when the mere suggestion that Lundi was the Sky Rider met with some stiff opposition. The debates usually centered on me debating the issue with almost everyone else who visited the forums – no one ever seemed to agree with me. :wink:

What else sticks in my mind? Ah yes, debating with Abadd about how the ancients could only be human… in vain of course.

Oh yeah, and remember when I said Kyle was the sky rider…?

I remember trying to ask Lordcraymen why he banned Azel and getting him pissed! XD

Azel’s only crime was arguing with the entire Panzer Dragoon community about why Sega’s decision to release a new rail shooter was the worst mistake it ever made. Such heresy couldn’t go unpunished! :slight_smile:

Btw, Gehn, you’ve finally found an avatar that suits you, so keep it.

Hehe…well I think the answer i got from LC was that Azel was an arse! XD

Anyways thanx, yes I guess I’ll keep the avie.I’m burning with Burning Rangers spirit agehn since I got the soundtrack :stuck_out_tongue:

Granted I tried to deny in the past I wasn’t the smart arse punk anime character type…

But alas XD

Great topic, Shadow.

I remember the good old days of the Panzer Dragoon Yahoo! Club when there was only about 10 regular members. I’m glad the Panzer community has expanded since then, though.

I remember an insanely long topic called “The Ancients” that had to be split into two topics because topics were all on one page at the time.

I remember listening to all these other people talking about Orta and not being able to play it myself. That was painful.

I remember a topic that Neil made about disliking people saying “LOL”.

I remember a topic that contains some spoilers that IGN had posted on their website, but I didn’t dare to read… what did that topic say, anyway?

I remember when the Sky Rider was revealed not to be Lundi and oXydo CHRONOS made some remark along the lines of “Geoffrey Duke will probably kill himself after reading this.” O.o

Btw, wasn’t Azel banned for giving away “the big spoiler” in the middle of a topic? That’s what I gathered at least…

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]I remember a topic that Neil made about disliking people saying “LOL”.

Yeah, seeing Neil get worked up over three letters was quite funny size=200[/size]

I can’t seem to remember much from the Die Welt days, except having to wait ages to get my greasy mits on those damn mp3s :stuck_out_tongue:

Solo just reminded me of what i was trying to forsake for a loong time now…

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

ORTA SPOILERS.I read that IGN article!!!

Curse the mofo who posted that thing! (i think it was Lagi;damn you Lagi!!!Damn you to Hell!!)


The spoiler was Orta’s roots btw…


These aren’t exactly funny, or even interesting moments, justt moments i remember. Some ar enot even forum moments XD

  • Signing up, most names were taken and to my suprise “Scott” worked

  • Making an avatar of the tower and posting my first post =D I got such a welcome greeting

  • Shadow emailing me wondering how i got my avatar to work with NTL…

  • Checking a Wipeout song for Chuck

  • Gehn thinking I hacked his computer…

  • Everyone laughing at Gehn XD

I really like the old forum, the die welt one (in terms of the board itself) it was really cool! Anyone know if it is an actual forum avaliable to download or was it something lordcraymen put together himself? It was really nice and i liked it cos i neever saw anything like it before. It was unique! When it changed to phpBB i was kinda disapointed because that is rather a “standard” forum…

It was something LC heavily modified. I remember it had the name of the forum at the bottom of the pages, ut I can’t remember what it was.

Both Shadow and RYB are witnesses of your evil deed Scott!

It was called “Phorum”. But, yes, KFC did modify it quite a lot. I’m not sure what the original board looked like.