Your Liberal/Conservative Views

I will assume that the majority of people on this forum are at the very least somewhat politically active, or hold “views on stuff, and things.” Another forum I frequent had a thread similar to this asking its users what their liberal and conservatives beliefs are.

The fact of the matter is that whether or not you label yourself “liberal” or “conservative” is irrelevant, as almost nobody is completely liberal or conservative on every single issue. Everybody can concur with the opposing side at some point in time.

Personally I consider myself politically independent as I dislike the polarization of American politics. I digress.

Anyway, here goes.

Liberal Views:

  • Legalize all drugs without exception.

  • Legalize all abortions (with exception of “Partial Birth Abortions” unless the life of the mother is endangered).

  • Legalize prostitution and gambling.

  • Abolish marriage as an institution of the state, have only civil unions, thus making gay marriage a-okay.

  • Separation of church and state for the win.

  • Socialize medicine.

  • Lower the legal age of consent to fourteen.

  • Protecting the environment is a priority.

  • Incest between consenting family members should be legal; however, breeding should remain illegal between them due to increase in burdens of the state (see below)… You know what, fuck it. Sex between any two consenting people of legal age should be legal.

] Evolution is correct. Argument over. Science prevails.

Conservative Views:

  • Partial Birth Abortion, as stated above, should remain illegal.

  • Fuck Affirmative Action.

  • Fuck welfare.

  • Fuck the mentally disabled.

  • Remain tight on immigration.

  • Fuck Islam, Iraq, and the majority of the middle east.

  • Isolationist outlook on most foreign affairs involving anything other than trade.

  • Social Darwinism has its strong points and warrants more serious consideration.

  • Fuck cultural relativism, in general.

Would my disdain for political correctness fall under a liberal or conservative value? I don’t even know anymore.

Never actually sat around to think, “gee who am I on the political side.”

There are some things that may lead me toward the Liberal side. Pro-choice for the win. Rape victims should not be denied the day-after pill just because their Doctor’s religion says birth control is wrong. Any child-free couples looking for sterilization should be given treatment as easily as a couple would be given fertility drugs

Evolution is a big deal for me, a museum for creationism that teaches people that man AND dinosaurs lived together, T-rex used it teeth to crack coconuts is frightening. I know some people seriously take that to heart and everyone is entitled to their belief… but… t-rex was no vegetarian! :anjou_disappointment:

As far as the incest thing…eeeeehhh I think I may draw the line. I just think about that one town in either Utah/ Nevada where everyone is related because no one in that town married outside of the family. They all can claim one man as their grandfather/relative. Since then, and lack of new genes, their children are developing a type of mental retardation. I’ll have to look fort he article if anyone is interested.

Those are some things I believe in, but I cannot find myself labeling who I am from a political view. How about fence-sitter?

I’m a centrist tbh. I grew up in poverty thanks to capitalists, and my family has a strong military background, so I am easily pigeonholed. My father managed to land a very well paid (dangerous job) on the Underground while he was sleeping on benches.

My motto is no matter how bad things become, it can always be worse. Always.

I guess what I truly resent are people who aren’t grateful for everything they have (they just have no idea, which is why I love seeing them try to lecture me). We are ruled by ingrates whether we like to admit it or not, and it takes raw vision to make anything real. In order to reach heaven we have to go through hell.

Human beings need a faith in a greater good, otherwise they will just become the victims of human nature. I’ve seen violence, and the last thing we want in our world is to be ruled by the laws of the jungle.

So Christian centrist here. I doubt I could live up to Christ’s standards, but I try. I plan to enjoy life while it lasts. I don’t view morality as something one can define as “petty” or holding back progress when lives are at stack.

When you start seeing human beings as soul-less meat, then we start going on a one way trip to nowhere. Life is a gift, and to throw that gift away is a terrible waste.

Social Darwinism? That’s one step removed from Nazism.

It’s interesting to see people from different backgrounds and how it’s molded their sociopolitical beliefs. Very interesting, you two.

Learning things I didn’t know about either of you here. I agree with some, disagree with others, but then, that’s life.

I will however comment on Geoff’s remark about Social Darwinism— like I said, it “has its strong points and warrants more serious consideration.” I didn’t say “it should be adhered to without question,” I merely maintain that some points made by SD philosophy have a lot of relevance and are overlooked merely for the fact that they are part of SD.
I feel the same way about Marxism. If you’ve ever studied it intensely, you’ll know that, while yes, some ideas are rather crackpot, others have a lot of truth. My point is that just because a philosophy is taboo, it’s not necessarily completely stupid. I consider myself a reasoned, moral individual, and I wouldn’t condone something if I didn’t feel it was for the good of humanity. I ain’t no Nayzee.

Ness— I can see your point, but still, individual liberty must be taken into account. Incest isn’t my cup of tea either, but if some Johnny Bumfuck in Alabama wants to serenade his sister, who am I to say he’s wrong? As for the increase in mental retardation, these people shouldn’t be allowed to breed. This interferes with said individual liberties, but like I said, screw the burdens of the state. But I must be fair now, given what I’ve said. There is a conflict created here. If you don’t let family members go at it they’re being denied their liberty, however if you let them and they create a damn chud baby, what are you going to do about it? I suppose it would be wise to be a fence sitter on this subject.

Regardless, good to see you both being so outspoken about your views. If everyone was more outspoken the world would not be overrun with sheep.

[size=75]EDIT: I realize the ironic humor in me denying being a Neo-Nazi when I have both a Hitler cartoon in my sig as well as a Nietzsche avatar. I just think the cartoon is funny. But no, to answer your question, I am not, nor ever was, a Neo-Nazi. I don’t believe any ethnicity to be genetically superior/inferior to another. Also, the holocaust happened. Hope that clears anything up.[/size]

Well if you want to know about my background… I did grow up in a Catholic Mexican family that was pretty strict. Not very rich either. 0_0 Our main diet growing up was a homemade soup made out of the most basic ingredients but man that stuff was good!

The only problem I have with incest is just the breeding result. Inbreeding can cause some horrifying results and usually the examples you can find are not only with humans but the many dog breeders who breed brother and sister. Also with tigers - like that internet famous retarded white tiger.
Other than that, if you are into your mother, Homosexual, a Furry, (insert other sexual preference here ) I could careless, although some of these things are on the O_O side to me.

It is though as you say it, there will always be conflict/gray areas to everything. That would be too easy.

Not only should incestuous lesbian sex between two hot sisters be legal, but it should be mandatory.

Whoops, is that taking it a little too “O_O”, Nessa? :wink:

Just kidding. This post is basically an excuse for me to bump the thread as well as add a little humor to an otherwise tense subject.


Well I gave the cop-out vote of independent… but certainly in the US right now, for the labels “Liberal” and “Conservative” the innate meaning of the terms has very little to do with the attraction the parties may hold for someone.

Conservatives seem to be against conservation in all forms.

Liberals are only liberal with frivolous regulations and social dogma.

The Republican party now has the market cornered on the arrested mindset that votes for their side because it’s their side. The Democratic party is impotent precisely because they are no less invested in the system, thus they have no genuine street-cred with the mindset which genuinely cares about what they’re supposed to stand for.

I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this “empire” is already falling, but we still have the fundamentals in place to catch our fall without the need for bloody revolution. I cannot say that I am at all confident we will actually remember how in time though… shrug

[quote=“Neil”]I will however comment on Geoff’s remark about Social Darwinism— like I said, it “has its strong points and warrants more serious consideration.” I didn’t say “it should be adhered to without question,” I merely maintain that some points made by SD philosophy have a lot of relevance and are overlooked merely for the fact that they are part of SD.

There’s no point in striving for perfection if we forget to live.

The real blame lies with smart people breeding less. Not so smart now are they? :anjou_happy:

If I had a hot mother or a hot sister, I’d bang em both. Unfortunately, I have neither. What’s so bad about incest, anyway? Society has basically outlawed something every living organism on this planet does.

As far as offspring goes, I think having children, in general, should be banned. The Earth is overpopulated as it is, and none of the problems from the previous generations are getting solved mainly due to a silly belief that ‘our children are our future’. This leads to laziness and procrastination and each generation keeps passing their problems onto the next, in hopes that they will be able to solve a problem that they never bothered to solve themselves. WE ARE OUR FUTURE - not the fucking children. I think the entire human race should be permanently sterilized - and when it does come time to repopulate the planet in some form, the ‘new’ humans will be born from artificial wombs and will be genetically perfect on all levels. There will be no more stupidity, no more ugliess, and no more decay. That would be a utopia of some kind, wouldn’t it?

How in the hell are such imperfect humans supposed to be able to create a genetically “perfect” human then?

In other words you believe in another kind of miracle, that there’s some form of magic bullet formula that will solve the world’s problems. And that humans, while being worthless, are still somehow the ones who will accomplish this…

Liberal because I’m a hormonal teenager and my cousins are seriously hot.

Also; drugs.


Actually, I’m not really a drug person myself, despite my endorsement of its legalization. I’ve kicked back and had a nice “toke” if you will here and there, but generally nothing much harder than that. And even then, I’ve only very rarely been known to smoke the forbidden herb.

I do, however, smoke sheesha regularly at the local hookah bar. Sheesha owns.