Yet another Sega console rumour

According to this article Sega may be planning to lend a helping hand in the creation of someone else’s console. If Sega helped create the Xbox 2 and supported it exclusively, then Sega fans would suddenly find a home for themselves again after years of wandering aimelessly away from the long dead Dreamcast.

Imagine: instead of Sega fans being forced to choose between three consoles to own all of Sega’s latest games, we could just buy one again.

Personally, I think this rumour is too good to be true. What do you guys make of it?

Since the source for this rumour is GameDreamz and the person is called “SegaInformant” and claims to work at Sega, I have serious doubts any of it is true :slight_smile: However, regardless of the source, an exclusive deal is always a possibility. Like you said, it would be much easier for Sega fans if Sega only developed for one console. I guess we’ll have to wait until May 12th to find out what Sega is talking about.


i think it could very well be true; but if it is, it was mere coincidence that someone posted it on :wink: that place is a temporal anomaly devoid of rational/logical thought and truth. cough NiGHTs 2 on xbox and Halo 2 on ps2 cough

but these rumors keep popping up everywhere with little variation in their content… that’s the only reason i’m entertaining the thought of sega getting onboard with a new console.

you know what though…

if it happens i bet it’ll be the xbox 2. many of the development teams dislike sony and would probably disband if sega went to them, nintendo’s future in the console industry has been in question so i doubt sega would run the risk of strapping themself to a sinking ship. microsoft they’ve had no problem with other than rejecting the offer to merge into microsoft back in the dreamcast days.

I can imagine playing Panzer Dragoon Saga 2 and Halo 3 on the same console. Can’t you?

In all seriousness, Sega working together with Microsoft to help build and support a new console is the highest on my list of slim possibilities. It would be nice to see Sega entering the console business again with all the money and marketing power of Microsoft on its side, though.

i was only kidding about the banning… you’re geoffrey duke, you can do whatever you want :smiley:

i can’t figure out why sega as a company would give up all the potential to make money as a 3rd party and go back to 1st or second party.

hmm, do you think perhaps their third party achievements have not been as positive as we thought? yes they’ve been turning a profit for the first time in… a long long time, but maybe they realized that they made more money being on one system rather than making all these separate games for these divided cells of their former loaylists. if i’m not being clear, let me try this:

not having to shoulder the cost of making a console has made them into a profitable company, but perhaps since going third-party they are not recording as high sales since their fanbase is divided. as in say… sega makes a game and puts it on the gamecube, (just as a basic example) only 1/3rd of the segafans are going to get that game. now of course there will be other non-segafans that will buy that game too, but suppose that doesn’t account for much…

i’m suggesting that sega may have realized that they are putting in too much effort to make all these separate console games and rather than make all the games for all systems (and dealing with tons of useless reprogramming, downgrading/upgrading, etc), they’ve decided to allocate all of their assets to one system which will reunite all of the segafans to buy all of the games.


I don’t find these news so hard to believe myself.Granted the source isn’t exactly worthy of confidence but then agehn it’s about the thrid time I heard about this big console related announcement that is suposedly gonna take place in E3.

I would very much like if one single console held all Sega games but quite frankly I think it might be better for Sega to remain in their current situation (developing games for all 3 consoles).

Sorry to say but it is most likely to be Nintendo or Sony because the fact is Japanese companies generally snub Western ones plus the Xbox is not selling well in Japan (Not huge understatement).

Because the figures are like:

PS2: 12 million
Gamecube: 3 million
Xbox: 300,000

Yes, but if Sega took charge of the X-box side of Microsoft’s business, then the Japanese would respect it more for having Sega in charge, surely?

300,000 Xboxes?! Wow! That means there are about 2,700,000 Halo owners out there who can’t play the game!

Maybe. But history says otherwise, look what happened to the various PC Engines in the West which were marketed by western companies.

Also don’t forget that games that should be immensly popular i Japan on the XBox because they are Japanese have flopped: Need I mention Ninja Gaiden and Shin Megasami NINE.

If it was a completely different box that used Xbox technology but was clearly lkabelled a Sega console in Japan (With a different desgin etc.) then it could sell. But he Japanes are capricious when itcomes to sega consoles: neither the SMS, Megadrive or Dreamcast made much of an impact.

The Staurn was a sucess until to economic collapse of 1997, and actually gave sony a run for its money, alas they could not stop the onslaught (although Staurn games were still being made in Japan until 1999).

Oh and Shadow your wrong: 3 million is the amount sold worldwide, the fact that it was not a sucess in Japan is reflected in the numbers, games that are considred amazing sucesses worlldwide usully sell about 5 million. Plus some people brought it on the PC.

Oh, you mean 300,000 Xboxes in Japan? Fair enough. The 3,000,000 sales figure for Halo was released before it came out on PC though.

  1. Halo sold over 3 million copies on Xbox in the US ALONE.

  2. No, a game does not have to sell 5 million copies world wide for it to be considered an “amazing” success. There are only a handful of games that can do that: DQ, FF, GTA… and maybe Halo. (Of course, PC has a few as well.)

  3. These talks about a new Sega console need to stop. Why is it that some people never seem to listen to logic and listen only to rumors based on rumors based on speculation??? Sega is NOT going to release a new hardware, they are NOT going to go exclusive, they are NOT being bought out, they are NOT going to “brand” someone else’s console (if Sega’s last several consoles failed… why would anyone want Sega’s name on their console???), etc. etc. etc.

Well Abadd, you’re going to love this latest article.

As much as I’d love to see all of Sega’s games on a single console again, I just can’t bring myself to believe these rumours.

I look back, unhappily, at all the canned Sega games of the past, and wonder if it would happen on the new console. Particularly Half Life on the DC. And Unreal on the DC. And why the heck the Ocean Hunter never made it onto home console.

Half Life was all but finished and yet wasn’t released to the public. The irony is so many Dreamcast fans have now downloaded a copy of the release-ready version of Half Life that you needn’t look any further for proof that the game was predestined to sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

I’m wondering if the guy who stole the Half Life 2 source tree was in fact a very pissed off Dreamcast fan. LMAO.

Yeah, I saw that article. Sega rep my ass.

I bet it’s going to be all about games, there was that other rumour about Sega unveiling a ton of quality games that we won’t expect and stuff a while ago wasn’t there? Maybe this is what this announcement will be…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we will no longer be making 3D games. 3D games are gimmicky. Instead, we will be producing 2D games from now until 2010, when we predict 4D games will come out.”

If we put all of this into perspective, what news from Sega could take the gaming world by storm yet be totally unpredictable?

Shenmue3? :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess some ground-breaking game…