Yet Another Panzer Dragoon Saga Final Boss Glitch Thread

So I have scoured the internet and replayed the first 5 dragons for a few hours and I am out of options. I have tried enabling “CD Block No Wait” and “Flip Thread”. I have tried save scumming the dialogue at the end, and nothing works. I am using SSF version 0.12 R3. Any tips for getting past the dialogue?

Are you playing with the discs? SSF sometimes has a hard time with streaming data from the disc. I would guess latency issues with the emulated disc layer. I have successfully completed the game on SSF and Mednafen using ISOs I ripped from my personal copies and mounted using Daemon Tools. You might try that? If you made it all the way to the last boss, you can just rip the last disc to test it.

Hi everyone, This is another one with probably the same problem during the final boss fight in panzer dragoon saga. Was living my childhood dream up until the last bit…then the game just “stopped”, stuck in a dialogue bit with no voice acting and no result, nothing. This is actually the second time a bug
like this sabotaged my play-through of this awesome game and I’m honestly not so happy about it. Any solution?

PS: I’m using SSF_011_alpha_R4_CHT
Edit: Sorry for my English, It’s not my native language. ><

SSF 011 is an old version. I would suggest trying one of the 012 versions. You might also try Mednafen. It is actively updated. SSF is almost abandonware now with no new updates and closed source code. How are you mounting the image or disc?

Thanks for the reply! I was using SSF011 because of a previously unbeatable situation in URU passage way, where there was a “Invisible wall” trapped me, prevented me from going further and getting back. I checked the web, and found a solution to “Revert back to an older version of SSF”, it worked, at least worked until that last bit that is.

I was mounting my image via Daemon Tool Lite. Maybe I should use another tool for the game? The older version of SSF doesn’t recognized my newer version’s savefile. Maybe my best option is to use this “Mednafen” and replay the whole game once more then?

Daemon Tools should be ok. Rather than having to replay, you might try a newer version of SSF first. I actually keep multiple versions of SSF just in case, but going forward, Mednafen works well once you figure out how to get it set up properly and I would recommend it going forward.