back with downloads!

Thanks to Babylon who is generously hosting the videos, the downloads on are back. So if you didn’t get hold of the files, yet, just follow the links there. :smiley:

Excellent. resumes download

Finally got the high res version on my dial up, looking better than ever ^^
I can see more detail now, like the moving wing things of the airships, cool stuff, great work ^

Those high-res versions look even better than the original fake trailer, though they aren’t 56K friendly at all :slight_smile: - oh well, I’ve got them now, and again I’ll say excellent work guys.

By the way, it’s probably a good thing that those funky Drone stick-people couldn’t be seen properly in the original version. People might have worked out that it was fake a bit quicker otherwise :slight_smile:

I think the stick ppl are in theme with the PD feel, kind of like those “Ancient” type drawings seen somewhere in PD Zwei I believe…not sure where exactly, might have been Saga as well…I just know they are there somewhere heh :slight_smile: