Yakuza 5 Panzer Dragoon Cameo

Apologies, I should have posted this in contributions earlier:

The Dragoon from the original Panzer Dragoon makes a cameo in Yakuza 5 - in the form of a winnable model!

Those who are lucky/skillful at the UFO Catcher machines placed in the Club Sega arcades have a chance to win one of these beauties. Toys of NiGHTS are available, as are toys from the Bonanza Bros and other Sega properties.

20 years on and it’s nice to see Panzer Dragoon making a (somewhat small) impression on modern games.

We could add this to site but I’d like some better images including close ups.

I wish I had kept up to date on this series (and played VC as well). The Sega fan in me is disappointed in myself.

@Geoffrey_Duke Were you going to capture some better screenshots?

Sorry this is my responsibility…

Aside from forgetting, I actually gave away my PS3 + games a while back.

I should be able to grab a PS3 from a friend and get you some screenshots for you.

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Thanks. Once you’ve got the screenshots, can you please make a news entry on the main site announcing them? I’ve set up a “Cameo Screenshots” category to put the screenshots in.

That’sme uploaded 5 photos.

Hope thet’re good enough.

The screenshots look good, thanks. Do you want to write a short news entry on the front page of the site announcing the photos?

I’ve made a wee article, although I’ve virtually no idea how to go in and add images if anyone wants to edit the article themselves or tell me how.

Thanks! I converted the article to a news entry (which is a seperate thing that can have embedded thumbnail links), made a couple of minor edits, and published it.

yeah i win some of these when i played yakuza 5

maybe the wiil ad more panzer dragoon cameos in yakuza 6 who knows