Yakuza 2

Right at all last I can finally play the game in English at its just utterly brilliant, and not just the best SEGA game since ORTA, but one of the best games made full stop .

The story is gripping well planned and laid out and described to the player in some of the best cut scenes I seen in terms of direction, voice acting ect. The graphics are a sensation given the host platform , the sound some of the bestg I’ve ever heard (so good it should win awards) and the action is just so over the top Kung Fu Action… its insane , brutal and just brilliant - In RPG’s I hate and dread the random battles, in this game I actually want them.

Oh this game is brilliant , and a must buy and best of all a game that feels and plays like a ‘SEGA’

I’ve been playing it all week did you run into the side quest where you fight a group of grown men in diapers? It was simply put: Hilarious!

I’m getting it for sure. I own part 1 and think it’s a great game!
Did you read the review of it on gamespot? It seems that they only care about the bad parts in the game and giving it bad scores. I was pending between IGN and gamespot but gs has really put me down with their anti-sega strategy imo. At least ign gives fair reviews.

Ignore gamespot, their reviews are “Copy Pasta”.

In their OutRun 2006 review for PSP, they complained that it did not look better than the (Chihiro[XBOX] powered) Arcade version?!

Hmm, that’s nasty. It’s to bad cause I think people will be affected by stupid reviews like that. When you read the review of Yakuza 1 it almost looks like they’re trying to burn it to the ground and only a few lines of the good stuff. Even part 2 got a bad score ( a 7 I believe, I don’t wanna go back and check :wink: )
Just hammering away at the bad stuff.

Since when is a 7.5 a bad score?

For this game it is. IGN score is 8,5. That is a fair score.

Fair according to what criteria?

I own the game and it basically boils down to “watch a 45 minute cutscene, get in a fight, watch another 45 minute cutscene, explore a small enviornment, get in many pointless fights, etc.”

I know that’s just hyperbole (there are no 45 minutes cutscenes… which would sound like a joke, if it weren’t true for other games like Xenosaga and MGS2~4), but it’s not nearly as bad as you make it sound. There are plenty of side quests and exploration elements, just as many as any other Japanese RPG (if not more). And at least the story isn’t insultingly bad/trite/etc like a lot of RPGs, too.

Ok, but you have to admit, the cutscenes are exceptionally long. The first one has got to be at least 10-15 minutes long, and in a brawler/action game, that’s a long time to ask someone to simply watch.

But you’re right, the story is good. I do think the environments are unnecessarily restrictive however. The city appears big, but you’re only allowed to explore a little at a time.

The battles in the game are nescassary to build your levels, like in a rpg, but I don’t think you would call that pointless battles, so why is it pointless in this game? There are plenty of games with long cutscenes but wich have no good story. In this game I only found a few cutscenes annoying.

And of course whether a 45 minute cut-scene is a bad thing or not is down to the individual playing.

I personally love cut scenes and can’t get enough of them.

I also love games with no cut scenes, though.

As for being only able to explore one little area at a time…
Are you meaning the way the camera switches angle every time you cross over to another section?

I think that was partly for artistic direction (Cinematic cameras) and partly for masking the data being loaded (Although Sumo did a seamless job at streaming the endlessly multiplying tracks in OutRun 2 SP)