Yahoo! Pool Tournament

I don’t know how many people here actually play Yahoo! Pool, but if there’s enough interest I’d organise a TWOTA tournament. It could be a good way for the newer forum members to get to know the older members, and everyone would enjoy themselves I think. is the URL for the game, and you will require a Yahoo ID which is of course free. The game itself is java and the first time you play it you get one of those “Do you wish to install and run…” dialogue boxes.

Consider this a sort of sign up topic. Post and let me know if you’re interested. Any tips, suggestions, comments, etc would be welcome too, and of course if you prefer I’m also reachable via PM, email, or instant messenger.

I’m in. :stuck_out_tongue:

I won a gamefaqs one of these before :slight_smile: Havn’t played it since then though… so okay =D

Is this all the interest we have here? D: One and a half people!?

So yesterday you’re all “I’m not in the mood” and now you’re asking around for opposition? lol

I’m in, although I’ll probably get pwnd.