Yabause available on Android?


The more I tweet, the more i learn lol.

Apparently, ppl can run Panzer Dragoon Saga on their Android phones !!

Someone also mentioned Valve owned the rights for PDS ? sounds crazy ?

Yes, devmiyax forked Yabause for the Android version. It has improved OpenGL support compared to the original.

That makes no sense. SEGA doesn’t sell their IPs. At best, they license the IP (Bayonetta 2, Rez Infinite and Shenmue 3 are examples of that).

Nice, so here there is a way to play PDS pretty easily since ROMs are available for free ?
Last time I used emulation on my PC, it was quite complicated to get it to work at first…

Regarding IPs, I didnt know they had licenced Shenmue3 since it seemed SEGA was not supporting the project at all…

I wouldn’t call it “free” (though if you own the game, it’s probably legal to download it), but yes, it’s definitely playable on SSF. I haven’t finished the game on Yabause, but I imagine it’s advanced far enough to be playable there as well.

They’re not really supporting it, in the sense that they only granted Yu Suzuki the right to use the license. They’ll likely get royalties from it, so there’s little risk for them other than damaging the Shenmue name if the game doesn’t live up to expectations.