Yabause 0.9.15 Quick Setup Guide and Tips

-Yabause 0.9.15 (Sega Saturn Emulator) Quick Setup Guide and Tips

Go to settings and General:

First, select a folder for your Saturn BIOS. Put them in the same folder as the Yaubause 0.9.15 installation folder. Next, CD-Rom should be set to ISO-File Virtual Drive. uncheck Enable Built in HLE Bios. Translation option should be set to use system locale. Lastly, make sure Enable Frame Limiter is checked. If not, the framerate will be way too high. And check off Enable Multithreading.

Next, go to Video: (This option will upscale and smooth out the graphics!)

Select OpenGL as the video interface. Select Bilinear Filtering. Also, for OSD Core use Software OSD Interface. Fullscreen Resolution should be 1920X1080. Most importantly now is the video upscaling option at the bottom. This option will upscale and smooth out your graphics. So, set User Integer Pixel Scaling to 4.

Next, go to Sound:

The best option here is SDL Sound Interface.

Next, go to Input:

I was able to get the L and R buttons mapped with the pad option only. The 3D control pad option would not map the L and R buttons. Select the controller for Pad. You’ll have to map the movement to the d-pad because for some reason Yabause has issues with controller input settings. But the pad option will ensure you at least have all of your buttons mapped, just without analog movement. And the L and R have to be mapped to the top L and R buttons, doesn’t map to any back triggers of a 360 controller for some reason… But ironically for some odd reason the 3D controller option works with Nights into Dreams just fine though…except when you’re walking around with the kids.

Lastly, go to View:

Select hide on fullscreen. This will keep the top menu invisible when you go into fullscreen. You can go into fullscreen by going to the top menu,view, and select fullscreen. Once in fullscreen you can exit by pressing the command alt+Enter on your keyboard.

To load a game/ISO go to file and Open ISO. You will need to open a .CUE file of the game you want to play. And to save go to file, save state, or load state.

Games I can confirm work on this emulator:

Panzer Dragoon (Had to make a .Cue file with Alcohol 120 and my original copy)
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Nights into Dreams
Christmas Nights
Magic Knight Rayearth
Guardian Heroes (Had to make a .Cue file with Alcohol 120 and my original copy)
Sonic Jam (Had to make a .Cue file with Alcohol 120 and my original copy)
Sonic 3D Blast (Had to make a .Cue file with Alcohol 120 and my original copy)

Here is another topic used for some troubleshooting issues with the ISO’s: