Xbox Memory Cards

I need a cheap memory card for my Xbox because I plan on returning it to the store, and don’t want to lose all my saved games. The thing is, I only plan on using it once, and I can’t get official cards for like, a fiver. How reliable are the unofficial ones? Quick advice would be nice, as My guarentee runs out at the end of this month >.<

What the hell are you returning your XBOX for in the first place?

Because it has loading problems. It’s either really slow or doesn’t load at all.

Maybe you could rent a memory card while you exchange your Xbox?

Somehow I don’t know how well that’d work solo (how can you rent a memory card if it’s just going back to the store in the first place?) also, if he rents it while trading it in, how is he going to have time to upload his files?

OK i think i might know you xbox’s problem…Your using up the memory, it doesnt have enough to laod fast enough, you probaly saved ALOT of games to do that to your xbox. to fix the problem is simple, get a memory card and put your saves there…that should help you…if not then your xbox is old, or too many blocks are being used on your console :smiley:

I was thinking that maybe they’d replace the Xbox on the spot. You’re not permanently getting rid of your Xbox, right Shadow?

As far as I know the hard drive of the X-box is only used for save files and/or extra game content…
It shouldn’t affect how the games load since it’s not actually used at that time (unless it’s a game that uses extra downloaded content) since it’s not like a PC that uses the hard drive to install the games and then load them from it instead of a CD/DVD drive…
I’ve never heard of a hard drive not working at all just because it’s full either… Slow, sure, but functionality problems I don’t think so…
Anyway maybe you can just get it fixed Shadow, I don’t see what’s the rush with trading it in, just ask some other shop if they can maybe repair it or search around the web for more info, surely you are not the only one that encountered the problem?
Anyway I don’t own an X-box so all I said might be wrong :slight_smile:

I can’t rent a memory card o.o

Plus I think my processor or CD Drive has gone. So I’m just going to get a new one using my guarentee (which runs out at the end of the month… thus the rush).

At Game someone had that problem but cos we’re so nice and all I took it in, opened one of our memory cards and transferred the data for them.

Otherwise, go to Game, buy a memory card (preferably an unofficial one as you can re-seal the box) do what needs to be done then take it back on 10 day returns. Make sure you erase all data though!

Trust me it has to do with the memory. It gots to be…

Well, I bought an official memory card. Unfortunatly it’s so small all I could save was my Morrowind and Orta saves. Bye bye Halo, Pirates of the Caribbean, KOTOR, Sega GT etc. I meant to play through KOTOR and PotC anyway… and I’m always playing Halo.

What a pathetic size of memory card. Either that or you had far too many saves with Orta and Morrowind.

Their should be only on block used for orta and morrowind. Halo uses up a total of 460 blocks for each save. use the memory for that not anything else.

460 blocks for each save…? Each profile in Halo is 227 blocks… My Morrowind one was 264, and Orta was 8.

well…i must have played too much :expressionless: well for two saves its that much…you should use the memory fo morrowind and the Halo game orta ish fine…

When I had to do that same thing, the memory card wouldn’t carry across saves for KoToR, Burnout 2, Halo or Splinter Cell, dammit. Wasn’t happy.

Y’know, of the games I wanted to save:

Halo, 231 blocks
Morrowind, 264
Orta, 8.

= 503 blocks.

I wanted to die.

I saw a 16 giga biite memory card in a special store for the box…cost 50 bucks though…