Xbox games on iOS. Crimson Dragon: Side Story possible?

For example, this Microsoft Xbox branded game is available on iTunes: … 35508?mt=8

Might Crimson Dragon: Side Story make it to iOS eventually? One can only hope.

I sure hope so, but with all the Microsoft exclusivity lately, it makes me feel as thought if it were to come to iOS, it will be in the far future.

I’ve also been wondering the exact same thing ever since my wife started playing Wordament. She’s addicted to the game and usually there are no less than 2000 people playing the game worldwide at one given time. Hopefully that’s a positive response for Microsoft to consider porting their Windows Phone games over to other platforms.

Funny in that I’m currently debating on which type of Tablet to buy, since I already have an iPhone. Should it be an IPad 3 or a Android Tablet of some kind… but if news of Crimson Dragon hitting IOS and not Android tomorrow, It would greatly tip the scale in Ipad’s favor specifically for this one release. lol


Not that I’m trying to start an OS war, but if I were you I’d go with the iPad. Apple devices integrate very well together with a high level of polish, so an iPhone and iPad would complement each other very well. I find Apple’s UI’s to be ahead of those from Microsoft and Google too. Is there a particular app or feature on Android that you want that iOS doesn’t have?