Xbox 360 remake of all 4 panzer dragoon games

hey everyone i havent been on the forums to much lately but i recently got an xbox 360 :anjou_happy: and turns out the first game i tryed to run on it was (u guessed it) Halo 2… NOT. Even though i hardly touch panzer dragoon any more, my loyalty to the game came up and i desided to try it in the 360 first, but to my disipontment it wouldent run. i know that eventually there will be an emulation update for the 360 but who knows how long that will take. i dont know if microsoft creates the emulation software for the 360 or if the seprate game companys make them and send them in. but after a while i got to thinking. Why dosent sega realese a panzer dragoon pack or something like they have been doing to panzer dragoon 1 on the ps2 but with all 4 of the games updated to the newest levels of technoligy like the dragon on panzer dragoon 1 looks like it would in the movies while keeping the game play as origanal as posibile. i have no way of getting a sega satern and im sure many people would love to see all the classic and newer panzer dragoon games apear updated for the xbox 360 or heck throwen together in the next panzer dragoon game to apper. And for segas sake in case they stumble across this post i think they would make a HUGE sum of money off something like that on all the major next gen consals if they release it for all them. i want anyone elses opinions to so vote or post on.

I’d rather they made new games. Not an RPG necessarily but any good deep Panzer game. And if they don’t perform so well in the end (like with Orta) then they won’t have ruined the legends of the previous games. Punctuation.

If they remade them, which I strongly think they shouldn’t. Why only for XBox 360? I know Orta only came out for XBox but Smilebit are a Sega team, sega do not have loyalty to one singular console (anymore) so they could release on all platforms which they should if this happens (hopefully not). I think they should make another Panzer Dragoon RPG (to be honest, the RPG genre fit the game perfectly) with the same battle system as Saga. If they do it to perfection like Team Andromeda did with PDS and release on all platforms it would blow Final Fantasy right out of the water.

PD is in another league Jimkemon.Forget about FF :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways I have no problems with remakes since I don’t agree they have the power to ruin the experience I had with the originals…but in the end I would only like said remakes if there wasn’t going to be a sequel just so I could look forward to some PD games…

That’s not what I said at all.

I dind’t say that’s what you said.

[quote=“Gehpnaet”]PD is in another league Jimkemon.Forget about FF :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s that supposed to mean exactly?

I don’t really think it a feasible idea. A waste of energy and resources to be honest. If you haven’t sold off your Saturn and Panzer games already, I fail to see why you would now. Ar eremakes necessary?

Putting PD into Pandora’s Box for Orta was a no-brainer as it was the PC port. ie. minimal effort.

I can’t vote on it the way it’s worded. Shoud they remake them? Maybe not, it likely would not be worth the effort financially. Personally I don’t need or want remakes of the Saturn games but I would still buy them without hesitation.

There’s 2 possible points to remaking anything, either it’s an easy cash in on a very popular property or, as in the case of Panzer Dragoon, a way to show people who have never played something and don’t own or want to buy a Saturn (and also probably wouldn’t ba able to appreciate the look of the games going back now) know what the fuss is all about.

Sega could definitley do a Panzer Trilogy Set for the 360…nevermind Orta, it’s insanely new for a total remake. I’d settle for it being on the backwards compatibilty list. The Panzer series are such great games but unfortunately they are great cult games. Not many Americans owned a Saturn, and I don’t know about Europe or even Asia. Bringing them back, especially on a new system would do the series good.

Too bad it won’t happen :anjou_embarassed: :anjou_sad:

Don’t tempt fate!