Xbox 360 Keyboard Attachment … 058725367/

I don’t think we’ll be playing many FPSs with this keyboard somehow.

It’s an interesting concept, however. I can see something like this being useful in a game like Phantasy Star Universe where you could keep playing without putting the controller down to pick up a full sized keyboard.

It’s the mouse that makes the difference in a FPS anyway, the keys are hardly more efficient, as long as the game doesn’t have too many functions requiring a different button for each. You could maybe still use it to select weapons instantly though, instead of pressing the d-pad a billion times… Similarly for hotkeys in mmo titles, if the 360 gets any decent ones that is. But yeah its main function will be typing I suppose, since it will come close to the live messenger addition on xbl. Maybe they’ll add a browser too eventually…

Good point. If, for example, Blizzard ported World of Warcraft to the 360, you could map the different attacks and spells to keys, while still allowing the game to be controlled with duel analog sticks. It wouldn’t be perfect, but it would make gameplay a bit quicker than using standard on-screen menus.

And players could still select attacks from on-screen menus if they didn’t have the keyboard attachment.

That… makes me want a Star Raiders revival.

And that wont make sense to many people…

I thinks its great and going to be a good send for games like Football Manger , though I doubt that many games will use it, as it more for 360 users using Live Meassage when the update comes

so nobody actually knows the real reason for the attachment? its definitely not intended for FPS’s or even gaming for that matter. its so you can use MSN Messenger on your xbox when the big update comes in the spring. they’re trying to streamline your xbox and your windows PC

sounds like weak sauce in my book