Xanadu Next - In English!

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[quote=“Aeana”]Developer: Nihon Falcom
Year: 2005
Genre: Action RPG

Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLwaRaVfxAA
Patch: www.figlidigaucci.eu/index.php?ind=news … gle&ide=76
Resolution Fix: www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=324 … stcount=37

The original Xanadu, released in 1985, is often credited as the progenitor of action RPGs. It was incredibly influential and many games that followed owe much to it. 20 years later, Falcom took to the drawing board again and reimagined the experience again with Xanadu Next. Have you ever wondered what a Diablo-style action RPG would be like if Falcom took control? This is that game.

I highly recommend this not only to Falcom fans, but also to fans of western-style action RPGs, because I really think they’ll find something to love in the game. I’ve always thought that if Falcom were to put any game on Steam, it should be this one because I think it would go over really well with that crowd.[/quote]

[quote=“Hardcore Gaming 101”]Other than the name and a few bits of arranged music, there’s really nothing that links this 2005 dungeon crawler to the original 1984 game. Not that that’s a bad thing - Xanadu Next takes the tired mold of Diablo, injects it with a Metroid-like world structure, Falcom-style action and Zelda-like puzzle solving (although there are a fair share of box puzzles, but we’ll forgive them for that.) The result is one of the best hack and slashers in a long time.

Since Xanadu Next is focused on dungeon exploration, there’s very little in the way of plot or exposition. You’re some adventurer, in a new town, and you have a problem - right after you find your first dungeon, you get your ass handed to you by a much more powerful warrior. Although you’re revived from the brink of death, you’re also now cursed, and need to find a way to cure yourself, which revolves around finding the legendary Dragon Slayer sword. Outside of a few townsfolk and fellow adventures, the only other primary character is a little girl who makes you lunchboxes (and occasionally translates stone tablets that reveal bits of history about the lost kingdom of Xanadu).[/quote]


It’s still going to be a little hard to acquire the game for would be importers but Falcom do have their own online store and do ship to other countries.
International ordering information:
Play-Asia should have the game too though.

I love me some Falcom gaming, but haven’t played one since Ys Seven on PSP… Hmm…******