X360 Virtua Fighter 5 online!


Finally!!Forget Halo 3!Forget Too Human 4 player coop (okay,maybe not)!This is the real reason for me to snatch a Xbox360 asap and get a Xbox Live subscription!!


To anyone that hasn’t purchased a 360 yet, I’d hold off for a little bit. A price drop is undoubtedly on the way.

Yeah, this is sweet. I just can’t get 100% excited about playing any vs fighter online, much less VF. I have enough trouble accepting latency in FPS’s and RPG’s, in a one on one game that’s defined by reaction times… well it’ll never actually be a replacement for the arcade experience. Which is dead for me anyway so, I’ll keep my fingers crossed I’ll be able to get some fun out of it.

This is great news! I know somebody on the other side of the planet who will be buying this the same day I do and it’s going to be fantastic - I’ll finally be able to play Virtua Fighter with my best mate! :smiley:

great news, but i’m very concerned about the lag. since the timing in vf is very important lag can be a pitfall. hope they can work it out

Well, while “lag” can be minimized and even outright eliminated theoretically… that’s not quite the same thing as latency. If you’re playing with someone in even another city the effective ping is necessarily going to exceed the 1/60th of a second ideal response times. Even the speed of light has it’s limits…

Hm, I’ve heard people claim that in online fighting games that’s no problem because the game slows down to adapt itself to the player with the highest ping, thus guaranteeing that the counters in VF will work perfectly anyway, rubbish I say. XD

Lag/Latency will ruin most of the fun for expert Aoi players I’m sure, all those counters and holds thrown out the window.

That said, I’m lucky to have at least two other people with good VF skills so I can always go to them for VF5 fun. Now to get a 360 of my own so I can practice on my own terms. XD

We need to get make some kind of TWOTA tournament in the future.I can’t wait to try Goh’s new moves :anjou_happy: