X360 backwards compatibility & Orta

It was announced a while back that while 360 would be backwards compatible, not all the games would be. Microsoft have been looking into what games people want back and 1up.com carried out a vote that apparently Microsoft would defenitely be watching. The vote was divided into two groups - Group 1 or 2. Now I would link you to it but 1UP has become hard to navigate now they’ve gone TGS-centric but I can remember that everytime I looked at it Panzer Dragoon Orta was in the lead of group 2 with 6% (the most anything else was 5, last time I saw). Now obviously that isn’t going to be as strong an influence on their decisions as sales figures but I was surprised PDO had more interest than any other game there.
If anyone can link to the poll that’d be rad.

Ah, you mean this poll? Looks like it’s ended now, but yeah, PDO was at the top of Set B; apparently the joint-third highest game on the list…

That reminds me I have still to grab Phantom Dust.
Oh and I know more people who played Orta than people who played any of other 4.So yeah, I think it was quite popular in it’s own league.

So did Phantom Dust actually come out in Europe? I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere, locally.

No (and damn it! I just glanced at your signature;another game I hav eyet to play;unless there really is going to be a PC conversion) but I wa splanning on getting it from the US or something.

I gotta play the game just for the sake of saying I played another game from the creator of PD :stuck_out_tongue: And because it looks appealing too fo course :slight_smile:

I would imagine that there’ll be a patch for Orta at some point.

Yeah I voted both Shenmue II and Panzer Dragoon Orta.

I can’t find HoTD3 anywhere (on the high street). I know it sucks as a standalone game, but if I can get it for ?7, I can say I’ve finished each game in the series.

Funny you talk about it, Gaphnaet, I grabbed phantom dust the other day for 25$ (canadian), and was happily surprised by a game that, while it doesn’t stand out as much as it should, calls for a really intelligent gameplay. My friends and I have a lot of fun building arsenals and challenging each other to see who is the most strategic with this “real-time collector card game” (I don’t really know how to classify it)

Back on topic (or almost), I would like to see PDO backward compatible, even if I plan on keeping my old XBox when I buy 360. Steel Battalion would be nice too, But if the game makes it on XBox 360 as fast as a Proeminence VT turns around 360 degrees, we won’t see it happening anytime soon (any Steel Battalion fans around? I’d be glad to discuss it in the holy district of the forum)