Wow... I'm disappointed in you guys. :D

Particularly you, Mr. Duke :slight_smile:

All this ranting and raving about the demise of Fallout, and not a single post about this?

Get on the ball, people!!!

I thought that Interplay had gone under. Interplay must have sold the Fallout liscence to the highest bidder in order to pay its employees (the last time I checked, the once mighty publisher had run out of money).

Bethesda finishing Fallout 3 is certainly a surprise; but then, it has always been a good old fashioned PC RPG developer. I hope it does a good job of finishing what Black Isle started.

I want Bethesda’s babies.

I want morrowind 2

I want to know what Fallout is all about in order to reply…

…oh nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not yet known if they will resume development or start from scratch. Both cases are just as likely to happen as of now. I bet they’ll chose to start from scratch…

You realize that “Morrowind” is actually “Elder Scrolls 3.”

So, that makes as much sense as something like “Soul Calibur 2.”

Oh wait… o_O

Oblivion is the new title for The Elder Scrolls IV.

how are you so smart? where do you know these things? when does it come out?

argonian assassins 4eva baby!

i didn’t just say that

[quote=“Abadd”]You realize that “Morrowind” is actually “Elder Scrolls 3.”

So, that makes as much sense as something like “Soul Calibur 2.”

Oh wait… o_O[/quote]

It’s all marketing, as far as I can see. Soul Calibur was on a new generation of consoles, so it was quite possibly the first game in the series that many people had played (it was for me, anyway). Like how the new Shining Force game appears to be called just “Shining Force” rather than Shining Force IV.

I agree with you though, it doesn’t really make sense to people who have been with the series since the beginning to juggle the numbering system around like that…

I love the way that the Panzer Dragoon series has seemingly given up on numbers. Names are far more interesting anyway.

i’ll tell ya, i’m not a fan of names or suffixes or even numbers to extend a series. though PD is an exception.

some of the games i have designed are technically part of the same series, but they have standalone titles. for some reason, i like that way of thinking more. there is a name for the series, but it appears nowhere in the title.

it’s like if you had ‘a new hope’, ‘return of the jedi’, and ‘the empire strikes back’ as the titles, and people just said that they were part of the starwars series… only cooler.

if applied to the PD series:
the first PD would be called Panzer Dragoon, the title of the sequel would just be ‘Zwei’, then ‘Saga/Azel’, then ‘Orta’

i think the issue with soul calibur 2 is that they ran out of ‘hip’ sounding sword names (after wasting blade and edge on the same game).

How about Reaver :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways if it wasn’t for marketting many people would probably not use numbers Thedium.


It’s not yet known if they will resume development or start from scratch. Both cases are just as likely to happen as of now. I bet they’ll chose to start from scratch…[/quote]

Most of the dialogue for Black Isle’s Fallout 3 was already written and the graphics engine was already coded, so it would be a shame to see all of that hard work go to waste. Also, the story Black Isle dreamt up for Fallout 3 sounded really intriguing…

In any case, I hope Fallout 3 remains true to everything that made its predecessors great.

Solo: My comments were rhetorical/sarcastic :slight_smile:

He knows it oh fiendish drone.

You now i read the news, and i’m ecstatic. I can’t wait for Fallout 3. I hope it lives up to the fallout name.

While nothing has been officially stated, I believe there’s a report or interview out there where the guys from Bethesda are saying that they wouldn’t be any good at making a top-down, isometric game, so they’re going to take their own approach. What that means, they aren’t sure yet… or something.

Imagine: Morrowind with guns…

Morrowind and the Fallout games are similar in that they are both set in huge, almost boundless non-linear words. Perhaps that’s why Bethesda picked up the rights to the series.

If Bethesda can keep Fallout 3 true to everything that made its predecessors great, I won’t have any complaints. I really liked Morrowind – I certainly liked it more than Neverwinter Nights which was disappointing when compared to Baldur’s Gate 2 (a game that was rushed out by Interplay no less). Granted, many of the enemies and locations in Morrowind were too generic for their own good and the world felt static at times, but the two expansions remedied those problems.

Most of the ruins and dungeons in Morrowind (without the expansions) are basically all the same. I wanted to explore unique dungeons infested with unique enemies. It’s still an awesome game though and the expansions added the huge, explorable trap-infested dungeons and unique enemies I was looking for. I only wish that you could dual wield in Morrowind…

I’m of the opinion that Bethesda will do everything in its power to please the existing fans of the series. We shall see.

I wonder how Fallout fans will react if Fallout 3 does use the same first/third person graphics engine as Morrowind, though. I admit, it has some potential, though fans can only see the potential for disaster. Personally, I don’t want Fallout 3 to break away from tradition (i.e. I want Fallout 3 to use the traditional top-down isometric perspective).

On one hand, Bethesda wouldn’t buy the Fallout liscence unless it had something in mind for the franchise. On the other, I doubt that Bethesda will forget about the previous Fallout games in a attempt to make a fresh start (like Sega is now doing with the Shining series much to my dismay). What would be the point in wiping the slate clean and starting from scratch when the series has such a rich history? At least the future of series now lies in capable hands.

If Bethesda does manage to alienate the existing Fallout community, it could pose a problem. After all, it is a rather large community.

Interplay cancelling Fallout 3 in the first place was one of the worst mistakes I’ve seen anyone make in recent years… since it is one of the most eagerly awaited PC RPGs in RPG history. The hundreds of thousands of Fallout fans waiting for the game alone would’ve ensured huge sales.

What Bethesda might do is attempt to please old fans and potential new fans of the series alike, but by not using the traditional isometric overhead perspective fans all know and love, Bethesda will only incur the wrath of the Fallout community.

Hopefully whatever Bethesda decides to do will turn out for the best.

I am surprised Interplay is still around. The lead designer for both BG 3 and Fallout 3, and one of the D&D 3rd edition writers, Sean K. Reynold mentioned on his forum that Interplay hasn’t every paid him his last salary yet. Considering he got fired from Wizards of the Coast he has not had much luck…