Wouldn't You Like To Drink Your Morning Coffee Out Of This

PD Zwei mug on eBay


Heh, a tad expensive in my opinion, can probably make a custom one for much cheaper… But a nice item if you’re after official stuff.

Thats taking the piss a bit. I got mine from a import shop for ?20. It’s nice mug though, and I like the way the tile is engraved on the mug , rather than some cheap sticker

I have to say, I’d go ?25 tops, I notice nobody bought it, maybe any potential buyers don’t have enough money left after buying Saga =P.

FIFTY QUID FOR THAT?!! Just save that money for another copy of PDS. You can never have too many.

I emailed the guy, just to check, and now he’s gonna keep it. Wouldn’t go to ?25, either.

Nevermind 50 quid… you paid 20 for yours, TA?!

Man… that’s an expensive mug :anjou_wow:

Things these days eh? Bung a famous signature in it and bob’s your uncle you can get a fortune for the piece of junk it really is.

Well my SEGA Ages mug did cost a bit more :). One hell of a pack seeing as it came with the SEGA towel and tooth brush , just a shame the SEGA Ages Decathlete was so dire . Could be worse though, could be one of those with the Panorama Cotton mug :). Me I just got the Mega Drive cart instead, but seen the mug go for over ?500 on ebay , now thats one expensive mug :slight_smile:

Well the Mug been around for years , and to be fair its not just some quick job with some cheap Panzer Sticker on it, the logo engraved into the mug.

But yeah its not really worth 20 quid to be fair :slight_smile:

Hey TA, thanks for the Deep Fear footage on Youtube btw. Now go watch the Berserk Abridged series for a good laugh. >:)

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a car shaped like Lagi?

I think a dragon shaped like a car is cooler actually :anjou_love:

No prob’s . Looking at my fav data the last time I played the game was Feb 1999 :). So playing it now takes a bit to get used too (keep on pressing the wrong buttons) and while the graphics have really really aged , the one thing that hasn’t is the sound its as good as ever .

Games like this and Bug I would really love SEGA to go back too, but I think I’m on my own on that one .

BTW, Yeah I’ve watched a bit of Abridged :slight_smile: , good for a laugh :slight_smile:

If for some reason the mug sales were going towards a new Panzer Dragoon game I’d be tempted. :anjou_happy:

Have you seen the Sega Classics Collection LP that got released by Sega Europe a while back?
Basically the best of Sega Ages Soundtrack, but with vinylley goodness. :anjou_love:

cool but expensive! I’m getting a custom PDS clock made should be arriving this week!

Welcome to the forums. Be sure to post some photos once you get it. :anjou_happy: