Would you donate to support The Will of the Ancients?

If I added a donate button to this website (PayPal, for instance), would you give money to support the hosting of this website? Donations would be used to pay the yearly hosting bill, including for improvements such as more server resources.

Shining Force Central does a similar thing, asking users to help support the site:

Currently, I don’t have a huge issue footing the bill myself. However, I would like to increase server memory, add automated backups, etc, and this all costs money. So please take a moment to answer to poll (comments would be great too). Then I can look at what options there are based on community feedback.

Yeah I would donate a little if I am not broke. We have to keep the dream alive!

I’ll glady pay $10 a year to keep it going

I would but not necessarily a set yearly amount, just whatever whenever, it would depend… Even if in the end it averaged to one of those… Might as well open a paypal account if it’s not much hassle, you don’t lose anything, right?

I’d have no problem donating > $20 if needed.

Thanks for the responses so far.

So far I’ve been reluctant to set up a PayPal account - once you start asking for money, then expectations creep in from users. But I think the site’s got to the point where its relatively stable and users know what to expect, so it’s probably time to do so.

I have been a lurker here for many years and would donate a few bucks a year to help. I don’t exactly participate much, but I am a fan of the content and if a small donation helps to keep the site going and/or help to improve the site then I am willing. In my case I just bought a home and had a newborn though so I can’t commit to any set donation, but would donate here or there if the option was available.

For sure, assuming I stop failing at money for long enough to divert some! I feel obliged to do something, in lieu of more direct participation (due to laziness, definitely not a busy life in the ?real world?). TWotA, as basically the place for PD, would have enough instrinsic value even if it were just a few bare HTML pages and a BBS with a handful of members, but the amount of content goes far beyond that.

I?m now thinking about how I?ve neglected the series in recent years?for shame! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t commit lightly so I don’t know about paying a set amount yearly, but I definitely donate >20$ if need be.

Thanks again for the responses. Just to clarify, the yearly amounts in the poll weren’t intended to be an obligation or anything, just a rough “yes, I would be willing to donate X amount once a year via PayPal unless my circumstances changed”.

Given the responses so far, I envision a plan as follows:

  1. Keep the hosting package as it is unless the donations are significant.
  2. Set up a PayPal donate button on the front page of the site.
  3. Send out a yearly “Annual Hosting Beg” like SFC does.